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Replacement Filters for Stainless Steel Compost Pail, Set of 2
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of ApprovalPrevents unpleasant compost pail odors Includes 2 sets of charcoal filters Each set lasts up to 6 months Fits Endurance Stainless Steel Compost Pail Composting is a great way to reduce waste, but collecting fruit and veggie scraps in your kitchen can be smelly! When used with the Endurance Stainless Steel Compost Pail, these charcoal filters keep odors under control so that you can naturally recycle organic waste without the stink.

Store: reuseit Brand: RSVP International Price: USD 6.95

Herbal Concepts Kozi Feet Wrap, Set of 2
Description: Keep your best foot forward with the Herbal Concepts Kozi Feet set. Filled with 100% all-natural healing herbs and natural grains, this hot or cold aromatherapy set of 2 feet wraps eases foot discomfort after a run, spending time on your feet at work, injuries and more. Microwave each wrap for 1 minute and 30 second intervals for instant heat therapy, or chill in your freezer for 1 to 2 hours for instant cold therapy. Relax, rejuvenate and restore your feet-all while reducing the need for disposable wraps, bandages and unnatural creams or oils. Soft, cozy fabric provides long-lasting and penetrating warmth or coolness, while easing stress, tensions, muscle pain, stiffness and cramping. Put your body, mind and soul at rest while finding comfort and relief in these eco-friendly and reusable foot pain relievers. Each cover is machine washer safe. Reusable hot/cold feet booties Filled with 100% all-natural herbs and grains Soft, cozy fabric Microwave- and freezer-safe Machine-washable cover

Store: reuseit Brand: Herbal Concepts Price: USD 29.95

ONYX Stainless Steel Sandwich Box, Large
Description: Why It Gets Our Seal of Approval Tiered - set-in raised tray to keep foods separate Spring snaps for a secure close 100% food-grade stainless steel - won't impart or retain flavors BPA, phthalate, and lead free 100% recyclable Carry your single serve condiments like mayo and mustard in these condiment size containers A great alternative to plastic & glass, stainless steel is lightweight, durable and versatile Split level allows you to pack foods separately and avoid multiple loose containers pack an adult sized sandwich, pasta or rice in the bottom compartment and use the second top layer to carry a salad, fruit or veggies.

Store: reuseit Brand: ONYX Price: USD 12.95

Zoku Fish Pop Silicone Popsicle Molds
Description: Create your own healthy and delicious homemade popsicles with Zoku's Fish Pop Silicone Popsicle Molds. Kit includes one set of six popsicle molds as well as six reusable popsicle sticks with drip guards. You'll enjoy cleaning up less of a mess with Zoku's innovative and easy to use popsicle set. Each individual popsicle stick matches up with one specific mold to create six different under-the-sea characters: a shark, clownfish, octopus, whale, puffer fish and scuba diver will all come to life in your freezer. In an amusing and unique design twist, each sea creature's skeleton becomes visible as you eat more and more of your homemade popsicle. Mix and match these "tails" with different popsicle molds to create fun and surprising new species! Reusable popsicle sticks are made of BPA-free, food-safe polypropylene and molds are made of silicone. Pops are easy to make and remove-simply pour your liquid of choice in each mold (orange juice, mango juice, lemonade or any other yummy drink you enjoy sipping) , freeze, pull on the popsicle stick, and enjoy. Fill line makes pouring simple, and molds pop out for easy cleaning between uses. By whipping up your own frozen treats, you'll curb your consumption of store-bought popsicles, which are all-too-often wrapped in wasteful disposable plastic packaging and include single-use sticks. Popsicles found in the frozen section of your local store are also filled with a number of unhealthy artificial sweeteners and other unnatural ingredients, so why not swap these out for your own homemade and healthy concoctions? Reusable silicone popsicle molds and popsicle sticks Create 6 different sea characters or mix and match to make your own new species Popsicle sticks resemble each character's "tail" and skeleton Drip guard catches extra liquid Molds turn inside-out for easy cleaning

Store: reuseit Brand: Zoku Price: USD 19.95

Janey Lynn Designs Berry Best Veggie Sack Produce Saver
Description: Keep your fruits and veggies fresher for longer with the Janey Lynn Designs Berry Best Veggie Sack Produce Saver. Made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, this produce keeper effectively absorbs the ethylene gas that causes produce to ripen while it sits on your countertops or in your refrigerator. To use, simply dampen your bag with water, place your produce inside and store in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator. Fresh produce lovers rejoice! This produce keeper works great in terms of preserving fruits and vegetables alike. Did you know Americans trash over one-third of the food they purchase? That's a ton of waste you could help reduce-not to mention a ton of savings you could pocket. Best of all? Unlike disposable plastic baggies and other plastic preservation methods, the Berry Best Veggie Sack features natural, anti-microbial properties that prevent the buildup of mold and other bacteria as your produce ripens. Give this produce saver a try after your next visit to the farmer's market or local grocery store: your produce, your wallet and Mother Earth will thank you! Produce saver for fruits and veggies Made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton Absorbs ethylene gas, which causes fruit to ripen Dampen to use, place produce inside bag and in crisper drawer

Store: reuseit Brand: Janey Lynn Price: USD 12.95

Razor Renew Knife Sharpener and Strop, 15.5
Description: Extend the life of your razors and create less waste with this leather razor and knife sharpener. Glide your blades along the handmade, high quality cow leather strap-just like an old school barber-to create a fresh, sharp edge and polish off those tiny burrs that can wreak havoc on your skin. This 15.5" Razor Renew is ideal for razors, scissors and knife blades 3" or shorter. With the sueded side of the strap facing up, just push the blade or razor along the leather surface, in the opposite direction of the way you'd normally shave, and in just a few strokes your blades will be sharp again. Flip the strap over to the smooth side and repeat the action to remove burrs, those tiny imperfections that while too small for the eye to see, can lead to painful cuts. You'll get up to 10 times as many shaves out of a typical razor with this thoroughly hipster-chic accessory. If you change blades roughly once a week, you're using and disposing of more than 70 blades a year. With Razor Renew, you'll only need to use seven blades all year, saving you more than $250 a year on an average $4 blade and producing waaayyy less waste. Attach your strap just about anywhere with either the trigger snap or 8" hook-and-loop strap. And you won't need the paste or dust required by other sharpening methods-just keep your Razor Renew dry and be sure that the blades you're sharpening are also dry, and you'll get years of freshly-sharpened razors and knives. There will be no stopping your stropping! Razor and knife sharpener Works on all razor blades, from the most expensive to the cheapest Add up to 10 times as many shaves to each blade's life, reducing cost and waste Also useful for sharpening knives, scissors and other kinds of blades under 3" Handmade from high quality leather

Store: reuseit Brand: Razor Renew Price: USD 29.95

Progressive Prep Solutions "Pit & Pop" Peach Pitter
Description: Pits are the pits. are we right? But not anymore. The Progressive Prep Solutions "Pit & Pop" Peach Pitter prohibits problems with peach pit popping-say that 10 times fast! Place the pitter on top of a peach, or nectarine and push down with one quick motion. Just like that, your fruit it pitted and quartered and ready to be used. Simply swing the attached cover under the fruit and it will pop the pit and pieces right out of the blades and directly into, we're thinking, a pie plate. The tool is remarkably easy to use and just as easy to clean. The durable design allows it to be thrown in the dishwasher for effortless clean up. The BPA-free plastic and stainless steel ensure it's a toxin free product that will keep your food save and delicious. Peach, push, pit pop and enjoy! Easy to use Quick clean up, dishwasher safe Pits and quarters with one motion BPA- and toxin-free Cuts peaches and nectarines

Store: reuseit Brand: Progressive International Price: USD 9.95

Chef'n SweetSheet 3-in-1 Baking Sheets, Set of 2
Description: Cut back on kitchen clutter and simultaneously satisfy your sweet tooth with the Chef'n SweetSheet 3-in-1 Baking Sheet. It's a baking sheet, silicone mat and cooling rack all in one-pretty sweet, if you ask us! These innovative kitchen gadgets clear clutter in your kitchen cabinets, all while reducing waste leaving your home and heading for the landfill. Each baking sheet's unique design lessens your need for throwaway items like aluminum foil, wax paper, paper towels and more. This set of SweetSheet 3-in-1 Baking Sheets includes one quarter- and one half-size sheet. Each silicone baking sheet features a handy grid pattern that helps with spacing very important kitchen creations, like chocolate chip cookies. Built in feet on the underside let the sheets also serve as cooling racks. Plus, we love that they're dishwasher-safe-leaving you more downtime to enjoy those oh-so-delicious oven-baked goodies. Chef'n SweetSheet multipurpose baking sheets Backing sheet, silicone mat and cooling rack all-in-one Includes one quarter sheet and one half sheet Cuts back on kitchen clutter and single-use items like aluminum foil Dishwasher-safe

Store: reuseit Brand: Chef'n Price: USD 39.95

Full Circle Dust Whisperer Filament Microfiber Duster
Description: Dusty bookshelves and baseboards are no match for Full Circle's Dust Whisperer. It's a filament microfiber duster that features a long, flexible handle to reach tricky spots and surfaces. You'll pick up dust as it sticks to the filament microfibers, which can reach into even the tiniest spots. Sleek, minimalist-inspired design incorporates recycled plastic handle with a smooth, sustainable bamboo gripper and a filament microfiber cloth cover. Removable and washable duster head helps you cut back on waste and spending on additional single-use dusting accessories. Loop at the end of the duster's handle lets you hang your microfiber duster under the sink, in your bathroom, in the garage or elsewhere. It's dusting made so easy, it's almost supernatural. Microfiber duster with flexible handle Reaches into and cleans even the trickiest spots Filament microfiber cloth picks up small dust particles Machine-washable microfiber cloth cover

Store: reuseit Brand: Full Circle Price: USD 9.95

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