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Leather Weightlifting Belt Medium
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Leather Weightlifting Belt made from top quality " leather. Black color. Sturdy double-stitched edges Double-prong roller buckle Double loops to secure belt tab 4" width - Size MediumSpot clean with damp, clean cloth and mild detergent, no bleach. Manufactured by: Valeo

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Valeo Price: USD 21.99

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Lavender & White Tea
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll On - All natural protection. Lavender & White Tea scent Paraben-free Hypoallergenic No Aluminum ChlorohydrateManufactured by: French Transit, LTD.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Crystal Price: USD 4.99

Applewood Smoked Sea Salt - Washington Fine
Description: We are proud to bring you Applewood Smoked Sea Salt - Washington Fine from the Spice Lab. Look to Vitamin World for high quality national brands and great nutrition at the best possible prices.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Spice Lab, The Price: USD 7.95

Meratrim Fruit and Flower Slimming Formula
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Meratrim Fruit and Flower Slimming Formula 800 mg per day Stimulant free Clinically studied Contains 60 veggie capsulesManufactured by: RE-BODY

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Re-Body Price: USD 39.99

Gel Sleeve for Foot or Calf or Knee
Description: From Manufacturer's Label:360 degree Gel Sleeve - compression treatment for pain and swelling. Simply roll on to use. No straps. For hot or cold therapy. For the foot, calf or knee. Safe, convenient to use pain relief includes instant ice and instant heat compresses, and reusable gel packs that can be put in the freezer for cold therapy or in the microwave for heat therapy. Size Large. Manufactured by: Veridian Healthcare

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Veridian Healthcare Price: USD 21.99

Spa Essentials Sugar Scrub Ginger
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Spa Essentials Sugar Scrub available in scents Lavender Vanilla, Coconut, Ginger and Grapefruit. Manufactured by: Spa Essentials

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Spa Essentials Price: USD 16.99

Precision Engineered Elite Slow GEST-TR Chocolate Graham
Description: Precision Engineered Elite Performance SLOW GEST-TR is an advanced protein blend thatcombines the highest quality fast and slow digesting proteins available - Whey Isolate andMicellar Casein. This blend was specifically formulated for anyone who is serious about theirtraining and looking to take their workouts and physique to the next level* Available in flavors Chocolate Graham and Vanilla Caramel. Precision Engineered Elite Performance offers the most cutting edge andcomprehensive products on the market. Our Elite line providesstate-of-the-art supplements for the most dedicated athletes and bodybuilders.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Precision Engineered Elite Performance Price: USD 39.99

Instaflex Joint Support
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Instaflex is a revolutionary joint health formula that has been scientifically formulated to help with stiff joints and support cartilage* Featuring an exclusive compound of eight key ingredients that have been clinically tested for maximum effectiveness. Use Instaflex daily for happy, healthy, acitve lives* Promote Flexibility*Support Mobility*Individual Results May Vary. Manufactured by: Instaflex

Store: Vitamin World Brand: InstaFlex Price: USD 69.99

Met-Rx 180 Workout Program
Description: Met-Rx 180 Workout Program is a revolutionary 90-day fitness program. Kit contains: 12 Disc DVD Series featuring 16 workouts Resistance Band Fitness Ball with Pump Retractable Tape Measure Skin Caliper Kit Nutrition Guide Fitness Guide and Workout Journal* MET-Rx 180 app and Community Membership are no longer available

Store: Vitamin World Brand: MET-Rx Price: USD 89.95

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