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Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxative
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Swiss Kriss is an herbal laxative for those with occasional constipation* Swiss Kriss contains the sun-dried leaves of Senna, plus other traditional herbs such as Hibiscus and Calendula. Made from all-natural ingredients, Swiss Kriss contains no harsh chemical stimulants. Manufactured by: Modern

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Modern Price: USD 15.99

Fenugreek & Creatine HCL
Description: Fenugreek & Creatine HCL is a Dynamic Lean Body & Max Strength Formula. Absolute strength & 1 rep max support* Contains 60 capsules.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Precision Engineered Price: USD 37.99

Joint Guard Sport
Description: Joint Guard Sport designed for bodybuilders and athletes. Promotes joint health* Joint cartilage support*Individual results may vary. Contains 120 rapid release softgels.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Precision Engineered Price: USD 39.99

Garlic Powder
Description: Famous for its powerfully pungent flavor and aroma, garlic is fundamental to a widespread range of dishes and cuisines. Surrey & Loeb searches out the finest herbs and spices in the world to give you a medley of flavors to create your culinary masterpieces. Whether you add a pinch, a dash or simply a smidgen, your recipe desires nothing less than the best. All natural. No irradiation. Kosher. No preservatives.

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Surrey & Loeb Price: USD 3.49

Turbo Shaker 28oz Blue
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: The new Turbo Shaker Sublime line is the ideal product for the on-the-go lifestyle. No moving parts, compartments, balls or screens! Clean up is a snap! No messy blenders! Mixes evenly and thoroughly, every time! No clumps! BPA Free, No Phthalates, Made without PVCIt mixes like a blender, is easy to clean, is extremely lightweight and available in colors Blue or Clear. With its leak-proof screw top lid and drink spout on top of the shaker with a rubber stopper and the patented "fin" technology there is no a better hand held blender available. Weighing only 3 ounces, you can throw it in your gym bag, put it in an overnight bag, bring it to work, or even take it to a party. The Turbo Shaker fits nicely in your cup holder and has a capacity of 28-ounces, making it the perfect travel companion. The Turbo Shaker has no loose parts, no extra gadgets, nothing that you could easily lose or misplace. Plus, the fin technology of the Turbo Shaker does a better job mixing than any other shaker. and faster, too! Known as a great shaker for protein mixes, the Turbo Shaker is also wonderful for mixing all types of drinks, sauces and dressings. Manufactured by: Active Ventures Unlimited, LLC

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Active Ventures Unlimited, LLC Price: USD 8.99

Organic Doctor Tea Tree Nail Solution
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Organic Doctor Tea Tree Nail Solution Restoring ProtectingBioactive organic Tea Tree oil is renowned for its powerfuland restoring properties. In combination with a proprietaryblend of bioactive and natural ingredients, we enhance thistruly effective nail care solution with the addition ofUndecylenic Acid, a natural plant extract. The resulting nailsolution quickly and effectively restores, strengthens andconditions the nail. Free from: SLS Parabens Artificial colors Phthalates Harsh preservativesOrganic* and Natural Bioactive ingredients: Tea Tree Oil* Undecylenic Acid Vitamin E Sweet Almond Oil* Bran Oil* Jojoba Seed Oil*Manufactured by: Dr Organic Ltd, Swansea UK

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Organic Doctor Price: USD 11.49

Fuel Pack Meal Management Bag
Description: Fuel Pack Meal Management Bag is a great way to manage your meals and snacks. Bag includes: Insulated meal bag External mesh pocket for water bottle (included) Internal pocket for vitamin pack, napkins, utensils, etc (not included) 4 two cup leakproof containers 2 one cup leakproof containers Large ice pack Vitamin pill container Gray color with yellow trimMeasures 11.25" x 6.5" x 8

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Precision Engineered Elite Performance Price: USD 39.99

Hunger Caps
Description: From the Manufacturer's Label: Hunger Caps contain Satiereal which is a proprietary extract of saffron. Each veggie capsule contains 88.5 mg of Satiereal Saffron Extract. Contains 60 veggie capsules. Manufactured by Re-Body, LLC

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Re-Body Price: USD 29.99

100% Organic Chia Seeds
Description: From Manufacturer's Label: Boost your nutrition with these 100% Organic Chia Seeds. Chia seeds increase energy! The fiber content in chia seeds - 5 grams per tablespoon - swells when soaked in water, causing a full feeling. With more antioxidants than blueberries, and the highest plant source of omega-3 fatty acids, chia seeds may also help support the reduction of inflammation. Chia seeds pack in more omega-3 than salmon, and 3 times the fiber found in one slice of whole wheat bread. Chia is a complete source of vegan protein, featuring 2 grams per tablespoon. They are rich in calcium - 17% of recommended daily intake in 2 tablespoons. Chia also contains trace mineral boron, essential for optimal calcium absorption. Iron, magnesium and phosphorus round out the list of other essential nutrients gained from daily use of this super-seed. High in fiber. Contains Antioxidants* Contains minerals and Omega-3. USDA Organic. Chia seeds are one of nature's rare, perfect, superfoods. Coveted by ancient Aztec warriors, chia seeds are said to deliver incredible energy, life giving nutrients and essential fatty acids. There are many health benefits of chia seeds including that they are a complete vegan source of protein, have 50% more omega-3 than flax seeds, and 5g of filling fiber per serving. Suitable for both sweet and savory dishes, chia seeds can be sprinkled on top of yogurt or salad, added to smoothies, baked into bread, used as a natural thickener for soups and sauces and even used to replace eggs and oil in baked dishes. We are certified Non-GMO and Kosher. Contains 38 servings. Manufactured by: Chosen Foods

Store: Vitamin World Brand: Chosen Foods Price: USD 16.99

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