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Miele STB 205-3 Air Driven Turbobrush
Description: 11-inch-wide turbobrush has a rotating roller brush that is activated by air, which is drawn in through the head to loosen dirt and to collect any fluff and hair. Recommended for:  Gentle cleaning and restoring of crushed carpet nap of low- to medium-height pile carpets with lighter densities.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Miele Price: USD 109.00

Mold Test Kit
Description: Do-it-yourself mold testing kit provides a full profile analysis of hundreds of types of mold. All materials needed and lab fees are included in the cost of the product.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Allergen Test Kits Price: USD 52.95

Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaner Replacement Pads - 2pk
Description: 2-pack of Microfiber cloth pads designed to fit the Sienna Luna Plus Steam Cleaner.  Package contains 2 microfiber cloth pads. Pads can be machine washed in hot water.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Sienna Price: USD 24.95

Delonghi TCH8093ER Flat Panel Tower Ceramic Heater
Description: An efficient, slim tower heater, the DeLonghi TCH8093ER is a 1500-watt heater with loads of features. This affordable ceramic heater not only uses efficient ceramic technology but also includes an Eco-Plus option. You can set your ideal temperature and choose between 3 power settings. It also offers multiple safety features, a remote control, and dust filter.

Store: Sylvane Brand: DeLonghi Price: USD 109.95

Honeywell Replacement Humidifier Pad (HC22A)
Description: Clay coated replacement pad for the HE220 and HE240 whole house humidifier.  Pad is constructed of an expanded aluminum honeycomb mesh dipped in a clay coating providing better water absorption and retention. Exclusive anti-microbial coating helps inhibit the growth of molds, bacteria, fungus and algae on the pads. Mfg. part# HC22A1015/U

Store: Sylvane Brand: Honeywell Price: USD 16.95

Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge - 2 Pack (HDC-200)
Description: Honeywell Demineralization Cartridge for use in Honeywell HUT-200 Easy-To-Care Cool Mist Humidifier.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Honeywell Price: USD 11.95

Whynter RPD-321EW Energy-Star 30-Pint Portable Dehumidifier
Description: The Whynter RPD-321EW Dehumidifier is a compact, portable, and powerful machine that can remove 30 pints of moisture per day from the air in interior rooms. Ideal for small to medium spaces, this unit helps prevent humidity damage and eliminate mold growth to create a healthier indoor environment. Plus, with automatic settings and a range of control options, you can customize operation to fit your needs.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Whynter Price: USD 219.95

IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier
Description: Get the outstanding air particle filtration that only an IQAir offers in the IQAir HealthPro Compact Air Purifier. If you suffer from allergies or simply want to remove indoor air pollutants like dust, pollen, mold, or pet dander, this small air purification system is the right fit for you.

Store: Sylvane Brand: IQAir Price: USD 799.00

Honeywell HUT-300 Designer Series Filter Free Cool Mist Humidifier
Description: The Honeywell HUT-300 Designer Series Cool Mist Humidifier helps cold- and allergy-sufferers feel at ease by relieving dry air symptoms. This modern humidifier is ideal for small to medium rooms and features variable moisture control to help you maintain the perfect humidity level in your space. Other key features include an antibacterial-treated water tank, ultra-quiet ultrasonic technology, 2 available colors, and a super sleek design.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Honeywell Price: USD 69.95

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