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Honeywell RTH2300B 5-2-Day Programmable Thermostat
Description: The Honeywell 5-2 Day Programmable Thermostat lets you set your heating and cooling systems to run at up to 4 different temperatures on weekdays and weekends. Program it to adjust to different temperatures while you're away or asleep, you can significantly lower your energy bills without compromising your comfort. Features like a backlit display, intuitive controls, and programming flexibility make this Honeywell model a top choice.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Honeywell Price: USD 35.00

Austin Air Baby Breath Air Purifier
Description: Designed specifically for use within nurseries - this unit provides excellent gas, odor, and HEPA filtration and is recommended for room sizes less than 700 sq. ft.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Austin Air Price: USD 394.99

Vornado 293HD Heavy Duty Shop Fan
Description: Arm yourself with the 293HD Heavy-Duty Shop Fan and defeat the heat in your workspace. This rugged, heavy duty fan utilizes the signature vortex circulation from Vornado to move air 100 feet and features 3 speeds, a grab-and-go handle, and nearly indestructible body with protected motor making it the perfect choice for superior cooling.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Vornado Price: USD 129.99

Joape 660 Copacabana Commercial Misting Fan
Description: The Joape 660 Copoacabana Commercial Misting Fan is available as a wall-mountable or free-standing model. It cools and refreshes 1,500 square feet of indoor or outdoor space using unique disk technology. Count on low maintenance and energy costs as you invigorate customers and employees with a fine mist while eliminating airborne allergens.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Joape Price: USD 1699.00

Avallon 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
Description: One of the most powerful residential portable ACs, the Avallon APAC140C keeps rooms up to 525 square feet comfortable all year. It's available with a heat option and includes programmable features like a thermostat, timer, and automatic settings. Its Invisi-Mist self-evaporation system automatically releases all collected moisture out of the exhaust hose--so no manual draining for you. This quiet, powerful portable AC is a top choice among customers.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Avallon Price: USD 579.00

QMark HT Smart Series 240V Programmable Digital Wall Heater (HT2024SS)
Description: Quietly heat up to 200 square feet with the hassle-free QMark HT Smart Series 240v Programmable Digital Wall Heater. Operation is a breeze thanks to a digital control board and programmable settings for all 7 days. Its quiet fan allows you to use it just about anywhere, but it's most commonly used in breezeways, dens, offices, and large bathrooms.

Store: Sylvane Brand: QMark Price: USD 279.95

Soleus Air HI1-50-03 Garage Heater
Description: Keep your garage warm year-round with this high-voltage, industrial utility heater. The HI1-50-03 produces 17,100 BTUs of heat in spaces up to 500 square feet. Key features of this Soleus garage heater include a convenient carry handle, a ceiling mount bracket, and adjustable louvers.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Soleus Air Price: USD 155.95

Nilfisk GM80 Vacuum Cleaner
Description: Configured for industrial use and is a high quality HEPA vacuum which filters 99.97% of particles greater than .3 microns in size. This unit is built to be durable and is perfect for commercial applications. Additionally, this vacuum is recommended for any contractor seeking to comply with the EPA Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Program.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Nilfisk Advance Price: USD 1144.60

Honeywell HCM-890 Cool Moisture Humidifier
Description: The Honeywell HCM-890 Cool Mist Humidifier makes it easy to humidify living spaces fewer than 120 square feet in size. Ideal for bedrooms, nurseries, and home offices, this tabletop model emits an ultra-fine mist of cool moisture that alleviates the uncomfortable effects of dry air. Plus, a replaceable Protec antimicrobial filter treats the water for impurities before diffusing moisture into the air.

Store: Sylvane Brand: Honeywell Price: USD 42.95

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