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Seahorse Cookie Cutter
Description: A batch of cookies fresh from the oven sweetens any occasionacelebrate year-round with fresh-baked treats for family and friends. Our collection of cookie cutters in a huge array of fun shapes and sizes is perfect for kidsa parties or after-school snacks, and helps create the perfect complement to ice cream and coffee.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ann Clark Price: USD 1.25

ScanpanA Classic Curved Dutch Oven with Lid
Description: This professional-grade Dutch oven is a versatile powerhouseaperfect for making soups, stews, pot roast, pasta and a variety of delicious one-pot meals. Sloped sides make it easy to slide a spatula under cooking foods and help keep sauces from sticking or scorching. Secure, ergonomic handles make it easy to transport pan to and from the table. Scanpanas legendary ceramic titanium nonstick cooking surface allows cooking with little to no added fat for healthy meals. Unlike traditional nonstick, Scanpan pans can be used to brown and sear and are safe for use with metal utensils.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Scanpan Price: USD 179.95

DemeyereA Industry5 Covered Stockpot
Description: Demeyereas superior technical approach to producing the most advanced clad cookware available has made them a cult favorite with our staff and customers for years. The unmatched quality, sleek design, and highly engineered and tested construction ensure each and every piece of Demeyere cookware is crafted to perform beautifully and last a lifetime.Our exclusive new Industry5 cookware collection is the culmination of a two-year collaboration between Demeyere and Sur La Table to produce the most innovative clad-metal cookware on the market. Designed to exceed the exacting standards of both professional and home cooks, Industry5 cookware boasts a five-ply 3mm-thick aluminum and aluminum-alloy core for fast and even heat distribution. The interior is nonreactive 18/10 stainless steel for easy cleanup, and the gleaming 18/10 stainless steel exterior is magnetic, which ensures exceptional performance on any heat sourceaincluding induction. Each pan also features a pouring rim to prevent spills and a tight-fitting lid to lock in cooking aromas and flavors. The superior base stability of Industry5 cookware guarantees the bottom of the pan remains almost perfectly flat when heated, even to higher temperatures. Oils and other liquids will evenly coat the bottom of the pan and never pool on the sides for even cooking results time after time.Each piece of cookware features Demeyereas proprietary Silvinox finishaa unique system of electrochemical surface treatments that removes iron and impurities from the surface, the main causes of discoloration over time. The stainless steel exterior remains silvery white, even after many years of use. It also resists discoloration from fingerprints and heat, even when subjected to temperatures over 500AF.The oversized stay-cool cast stainless steel handles are shot-blasted to ensure a secure grip, and make transporting a hot pan to and from the oven or stovetop easy even while wearing oven mitts. Each handle is welded directly to the pan, making it significantly more durable and hygienic than a traditional riveted handle. Food, grease and dirt will never accumulate inside the pan, so cleanup is a breeze.Suitable for use on all cooktops, in the oven up to 600AF, and under the broiler. Dishwasher safe (hand wash recommended) . See the Industry5 Collection in action >

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Demeyere Price: USD 329.95

StaubA Graphite Round Cocotte
Description: The choice of accomplished chefs, Staub cocottes are designed to concentrate flavorful juices, making them ideal for hearty stews, soups, roasts and braises.Get the recipe for Chicken in Red Wine (Coq au Vin) : Click here >

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Staub Price: USD 299.95

Scanpan Evolution 10-Piece Set
Description: Perfect for everything from searing steaks to boiling pasta, this 10-piece nonstick cookware set is a versatile, high-performance addition to any kitchen.Scanpanas industry-leading nonstick cooking surface makes it easy to cook low-fat meals without sticking or scorching. Unlike standard nonstick, Scanpanas GreenTEK ceramic-titanium coating is great at searing and browning, is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and is even safe for use with metal tools. The next stage in nonstick cookware, Scanpan Evolution is built from 100% recycled aluminum and features an improved nonstick coating as well as ergonomic, rivetless handles for a completely smooth cooking surface. Scanpan Evolution is only available at Sur La Table.Set includes:8 nonstick skillet10.25 nonstick skillet11 sautA pan with lid1-qt. saucepan with lid2-qt. saucepan with lid6.3-qt. Dutch oven with lid

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Scanpan Price: USD 699.95

Leaf Chocolate Mold
Description: High-quality plastic mold is FDA approved and is suitable for chocolate, soap making, plaster and concrete crafting. This mold makes approximately 40 pieces per pound of chocolate. Each piece is 2.375 x 1.375 x .125. Eleven cavities per mold.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: CK Products Price: USD 2.95

BrevilleA Die-Cast Toaster
Description: Get perfectly toasted bread every time with one of the smartest toasters weave ever seen. An internal chip gently lowers bread with a single touch and precisely regulates toasting time. Brevilleas patented Lift and Looka feature lets you check progress without canceling the toasting cycle. Plus, the unique A Bit Morea button lets you easily add additional toasting time.Features five brownness settings and user-friendly controls with buttons for Toast, Bagel, Defrost, A Bit More, and Lift and Look. An easy-to-read LCD display shows the time remaining and a gentle beep indicates that your toast is ready. SMART TOASTING TECHNOLOGYPerfect toast every time! Internal smart chip gently lowers bread with a single touch and precisely regulates toasting time. INNOVATIVE FEATURESBrevilleas patented Lift and Look feature lets you check progress without canceling the toasting cycle. Plus, the unique A Bit More feature lets you add additional toasting time at the touch of a button.COUNTDOWN TIMEREasy-to-read LCD display shows the time remaining and indicates when toast is ready with a gentle beep.ADJUSTABLE SETTINGSChoose from five browning settings, each controlled by an internal smart chip. Defrost and Reheat functions regulate the length of the toasting cycle accordingly. Bagel setting toasts faster on the inside element for ideal results.EXTRA-LARGE SLOTSSlots are 1.2 wide by 5.2 deep to accommodate four slices of larger breads or two whole bagels in a single toasting cycle.USER-FRIENDLY CONTROLSSimply press a button for Toast, Bagel, Defrost, A Bit More and Lift and Look.BRUSHED DIE-CAST METAL DESIGNThis stylish, sturdy toaster is a welcome addition to any countertop.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Breville Price: USD 179.95

Copper Balloon Whisk
Description: Perfect for light, fluffy soufflAs, moist, airy omelets and more, this copper balloon whisk is an essential tool in any serious cookas collection. As copper comes in contact with egg whites, its molecules bond with the egg proteins, making them more pliable and able to expand without rupturing. This makes it easy to form emulsions that stabilize quickly for fluffier peaks and better results when cooking, so you can spend less time whisking and more time eating. A single copper whisk is a cost-effective alternative to multiple copper bowls.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Chris Theofel Innovations Price: USD 44.95

Wilton Featherweight Pastry Bag
Description: Featherweight bags feel soft and comfortable in the handathe polyester material becomes softer the more the bags are used. Lightweight, strong and flexible, theyall never get stiff. Coated to prevent grease from seeping through. Dishwasher safe. Sizes sold separarately, not as a set.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wilton Price: USD 9.00

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