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Fred Manatea Tea Infuser
Description: Perfect for the tea lover! Innovative and fun, this one-of-a-kind tea infuser brings a bit of cheeky fun to your favorite cuppa. Molded from BPA-free silicone rubber, this adorable infuser perches atop your mug as you brew. Comes artfully packaged in a colorful gift box.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Fred Price: USD 10.95

Ateco 14-Piece Cake Decorating Set
Description: Cake decorating set features 12 flex bag with hem and hanging loop, 12 of Atecoas most popular stainless-steel decorating tubes (2, 4, 12, 16, 30, 32, 48, 80, 98, 104, 133 & 352) and a plastic coupler (pre-attached to bag) , instructions and recipes. Comes packaged in a clear plastic storage box. Tubes constructed of high-quality, long-lasting stainless steel. 4 x 2.7 x 1A 1/2 . 12 oz.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ateco Price: USD 20.00

Charcoal Companion Pizza Oven Stand Cover
Description: This extra-long cover is designed to provide full weather protection and features an extra-long skirt to accommodate both pizza oven and stand. Cover wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Charcoal Companion Price: USD 29.95

DeaLonghiA Moka Electric Espresso Maker
Description: Make true Italian espresso in just a few simple steps. First, fill boiler with water and filter with ground coffee. After only a few minutes, machine will deliver authentic Italian espresso into the container. Then, just remove from base and serve. DeaLonghi Moka electric espresso maker features automatic shut-off with keep-warm function that keeps espresso hot for 30 minutes. Espresso wonat burn or overflow. Clear container allows you to monitor entire brewing process; durable and easy to clean. Two-level safety system automatically shuts off machine when unit is finished brewing and body is lifted from base. Makes three to six cups of espresso.PORTABLEYou donat need a stove to make authentic Italian espresso, only an electric outlet. Perfect for home, the officeasome coffee lovers bring it along on vacation to be sure theyall always have access to delicious espresso no matter where they go.DELICIOUS RESULTSThe Moka makes wonderfully rich espresso, delivering taste just like traditional stovetop methods. You can use it for shots or brew, or add your own frothed or steamed milkaitas delicious on its own as well as the delicious foundation for your favorite java drinks. EASY & COMPACTSimple to clean, just wash out the carafe after use. If conserving space is a priority in your kitchen or office, youall appreciate the Mokaas small footprintaitas less than 5 wide and less than 10 high.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: DeLonghi Price: USD 59.95

Totally Bamboo Mortar and Pestle
Description: Totally Bambooas new mortar and pestle is elegant, efficient, and eco-friendly. Made from renewable bamboo, this handy kitchen tool features the strength and beauty of an exotic hardwood with none of the guilt. Plus, bamboo is food safe, stain resistant, and stronger than maple. Perfect for grinding herbs, spices, and more. Eco-friendly. Hand wash. 5 x 4.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Totally Bamboo Price: USD 29.95

Wine Away Red Wine Stain Remover 12 oz
Description: All natural, bleach-free wine-stain remover is nontoxic and safe for kids and pets. Spray is made from fruit and vegetable extracts. Made in the USA. 12 oz.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Evergreen Price: USD 9.95

Taylor Digital Thermocouple Thermometer
Description: Using thermocouple technology, this Taylor thermometer reacts faster to changes in temperature and gives a more stable reading than traditional thermometers. It provides a stabilized reading in 5 seconds or less, reading temperatures ranging from -40AF to 562AF.The ultra-thin 1A 1/2 -mm tip leaves a much smaller hole in your food, so fewer flavorful juices will escape as you check the temperature. Also features a recalibration function and a hold function, which stores the temperature of your food. The 4 stainless steel probe folds into thermometer casing for storage. Housing is made of durable, anti-microbial plastic to inhibit the growth of odor- and stain-causing bacteria. The display is large and easy to read, with a blue backlight to help in dim conditions, and has an auto-off feature. Requires two AAA batteries (included) . Hand wash only. 1A 1/2 x 5A 1/2 x 12A 1/4 .

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Taylor Price: USD 69.95

WiltonA Pastry Bag Couplers
Description: White plastic coupler is designed specifically for use with standard decorating and filling tips. Coupler allows you to quickly change the decorating tip on your piping bag without having to empty the contents of the bag. Dishwasher safe. Set of four.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wilton Price: USD 2.50

J.K. Adams 1761 Cutting Board with Handle
Description: Carefully handcrafted in Dorset, Vermont, this attractive ash cutting board makes a striking, functional addition to any kitchen. Constructed from hard-wearing ash with a teak-oil finish, a properly cared for J.K. Adams board will endure a lifetime of use.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: J.K. Adams Price: USD 79.95

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