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Schott Zwiesel Forte Light-Bodied White Wine Glass
Description: By replacing the lead in traditional crystal with titanium and zirconium, Schott Zwiesel has created the strongest, clearest, most brilliant crystal glass available. Patented Tritan crystal retains its clarity and luster for the life of the glass and resists chipping, scratching, and breakage. Designed with a classic, traditional shape, the Forte collectionas bowls are perfectly sized for the appropriate wine. Each glass is reinforced at the rim and both ends of the stem (where it meets the foot and the bowl) and the soft tapered bowl focuses your wineas essence to the palate. This collection is the perfect introduction to the fine design of Schott Zwiesel Tritan crystal. To fully appreciate a young, crisp, white wine this glass is the perfect choice. It features an opening thatas slightly larger than the body of the glass itself, allowing the wine to dispense at the tip and sides of the tongue for a fuller realization of the wineas sweetness. This glass is designed for crisp, sweeter, light-bodied whites such as Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.Thinking of starting your wine glass collection and curious about which glass works best for you? One of our bloggers researched the subject. Click here to read her findings and which glasses she selected.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Schott Zwiesel Price: USD 9.95

Miyabi Kaizen Bread Knife
Description: The Miyabi Kaizen collection combines advanced ice-hardening techniques with the artistry of traditional Japanese craftsmanship. The knives are carefully crafted with a vg10 asuper steela core that is surrounded by a graceful Damascus pattern that exposes the meticulously forged 65-layer steel construction. Blades go through a CRYODUR four-step ice-hardening process for superior strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance. The edges are then hand-finished by master craftsmen using a traditional three-step honbazuke blade-honing technique for a lasting edge. The resulting blades are optimally sharpened to precise angles for outstanding edge retention.Ultra-durable black micarta handles feature mosaic pins, eye-catching red accents and logo end caps. Made in Japan.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Miyabi Price: USD 169.95

KyoceraA Ceramic Chefas Knives
Description: Kyoceraas worldafamous ceramic knife blades are crafted of exceptionally strong, yet lightweight zirconium oxide. Ground to microscopic precision and polished to perfection, this knife keeps its razorasharp edge much longer than other professional bladesaeven highacarbon steel. Germaresistant blade is impervious to acid, oil, and salt, so it wonat rust or brown foods. Perfectly balanced with ergonomic handle, offering precise control and reducing fatigue from repetitive cutting tasks. This chefas knife makes it easy to chop, dice, slice, and mince large quantities of meat and vegetables. Itas sure to become your goato choice for everyday food prep. 6 or 7 blade. Hand wash. Lifetime warranty. Made in Japan. Web exclusive: 7 blade is only available online.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Kyocera Price: USD 59.95

Fortessa Grand City Sauce Ladle
Description: Bring design and performance to the table. Heavy-gauge serveware is composed of polished stainless steel for good heft and balance. Ergonomic handles feel comfortable in your hand. Serve generous portions of sauces with this sauce ladle. High standards of production ensure long-lasting performance and durability. Dishwasher safe. Made in Indonesia.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Fortessa Price: USD 19.00

Progressive PL8 Stainless Steel Magnetic Measuring Spoons
Description: Essential for any kitchen, this set of dual-sided measuring spoons features a flat, scooped end thatas great for measuring dry ingredients and a rounded end thatas perfect for measuring liquids. Set of four includes A 1/4 teaspoon, A 1/2 teaspoon, 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. Magnets in the handles hold the nesting spoons together for easy storage. Inspired by both culinary heritage and the needs of modern kitchens, Progressiveas new PL8 collection is designed to help cooks rediscover the joys of cooking from scratch. Combining nostalgic flair with top-shelf quality, the PL8 collection is a welcome addition to any kitchen.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Progressive Price: USD 19.95

J.K. Adams French Tapered (Dowel) Rolling Pin
Description: A favorite of professional chefs, this rolling pin is designed for the artisan baker. Features the classic French handle-less design with tapered ends for easy grasping when rolling out pie, tart, cookie dough and more. Lightweight but durable solid-maple construction with smooth surface thatas highly resistant to scratching and splintering. Read Americaas Test Kitchenas rolling pin reviews

Store: Sur La Table Brand: J.K. Adams Price: USD 15.00

Victorinox Cut-Resistant Glove
Description: Protect your off-hand while cutting with this durable and easy-to-clean cut-resistant glove. Available in a range of sizes, each glove is constructed from incredibly strong Spectra fiber with an industrial-strength polyester cover for exceptional cut resistance. Gloves clean up easily in the washing machine. For use with straight blades only. Not for use with wavy, serrated or moving blades.CAUTION: Glove is cut-resistant, but is not cut-proof or point-puncture resistant. Always use care when handling sharp utensils.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army Price: USD 25.95

Roasted Garlic Onion Jam
Description: An incredible glaze on grilled or roasted meats, the slowly roasted garlic, sweet onions and balsamic vinegar blend jam enhances the flavor of any meat sauce. Versatile jam can be used as a glaze for garden vegetables or as a topping with cream cheese on toasted focaccia bread. For an irresistible-tasting pizza, add it to pizza crust, sprinkle with blue cheese and bake until bubbly. Made in the USA.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Stonewall Kitchen Price: USD 7.95

OXOA Ice Cream Spade
Description: Dish out your favorite butter-pecan ice cream or raspberry sherbet with ease. The flat, wide blade of the aluminum spade scoops ice cream efficiently, and cushioned, non-slip plastic handles make this sturdy ice cream tool comfortable and absorb pressure as you use them.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 11.00

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