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Le Creuset Buffet Casserole with Glass Lid
Description: Featuring a shallow base, this does-it-all pan is perfect for searing, braising, slow cooking and more. A durable tempered glass lid makes it easy to monitor food while it cooks. Versatile enough for use in the oven, on the stove or at the table, Le Creuset cast iron is beloved for both its chip-resistant enamel exterior and superior heat retention that locks in flavor and keeps food moist and tender. Available in a range of vivid colors, each casserole is the product of time-honored casting techniques and rigorous hand finishing at Le Creusetas foundry in northern France.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Le Creuset Price: USD 269.95

Le Creuset Demi Teakettle
Description: Le Creusetas pretty and practical kettle quickly boils water for tea, French-press coffee, oatmeal and more. At home in both traditional and contemporary kitchens, this classic design combines the elegant styling of an antique with elements of modern technology.Features a unique locking handle and heat-resistant phenolic knob for easy lifting, pouring, and cleaning. Compatible with any stovetop heat source, including induction. Durable enamel-on-steel construction.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Le Creuset Price: USD 70.00

Breville Quick-Touch Crisp Microwave
Description: Engineered for ease of use with delicious results, Brevilleas Quick-Touch Crisp takes microwave cooking to a smart new level. The integrated crisper pan browns food as it heats, resulting in better flavor and textureawhile smart settings take the guesswork out of cooking, reheating or defrosting. Just select a food type from the diverse menu of options, discreetly hidden within the doorframe, and the Quick-Touch Crisp will automatically adjust cooking time and power level for optimum results. It even switches to agrilla when needed, ensuring perfectly crispy results.Thanks to inverter technology, this combination oven delivers evenly heated food every time. To easily adjust the power level during cooking, just use Brevilleas unique Power Adjust Dial.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Breville Price: USD 349.95

Staub Pine Round Cocotte
Description: Discover the choice of professional chefs in Francis Staubas original coloraa vibrant Pine majolique finish, recently made available again after 25 years. This unique glaze is applied in three layers for unrivalled depth of pigment and a durable glossy exterior. Pine is the only Staub color hand-enameled by expert artisans, and itas available exclusively at Sur La Table.Great for soups, stews, slow-cooked meats and more, this enameled cast iron cocotte makes a handsome and versatile addition to any kitchen. Staub cocottes are designed to concentrate flavorful juices, making them ideal for slow-cooking roasts and stews. Built to last a lifetime, Staub cookware boasts exceptional heat transfer and moves easily from stovetop to table.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Staub Price: USD 299.95

Wusthof Classic Vegetable Knife
Description: Perfect for chopping and slicing fruits and vegetables, this innovative knife features large, distinctive holes that reduce friction and help prevent food from sticking. Plus, a lengthwise ridge deflects food slices for quick and easy prep.WA 1/4 sthof Classic knives were designed in consultation with professional chefs and are precision forged from a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel for incredible durability and performance. Each knife features a full tang and a triple-riveted, ergonomic handle.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Wusthof Price: USD 159.95

Fortessa Vivi Bouillon Spoon
Description: This large, shallow spoon is perfect for sipping delicate broths or dipping into decadent cream desserts. Classic and contemporary, versatile Fortessa Vivi flatware features ergonomic handles with ornate banding for an elegant, stylish look thatas an inspiring addition to any tabletop.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Fortessa Price: USD 6.95

Le Creuset Bi-Material Slotted Turner
Description: This innovative slotted spatula features a unique bi-material head composed of both rigid nylon and flexible silicone. Turner features a beveled nylon edge that slides easily under cooked foods and a silicone edge for more delicate tasks. Le Creusetas Bi-Material collection combines the sculpted lines, comfortable shapes and professional quality of their Revolution and Commercial lines with innovative heads featuring both glass-reinforced nylon and soft, food-grade silicone. Bi-material utensils are safe for use with nonstick cookware and clean up easily in the dishwasher.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Le Creuset Price: USD 25.00

OXO On-the-Go Silicone Squeeze Bottles
Description: Enjoy a fresh, crisp salad for lunch by carrying the dressing separately, or keep your picnic sandwiches from getting soggy by bringing along mustard on the side. Made with flexible, BPA-free silicone and fitted with no-drip pour spouts, these convenient squeeze bottles are ideal for packing all your favorite condiments. Set includes two bottles.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 9.00

Le Creuset Caribbean Salt & Pepper Mills
Description: Add a fun splash of color to any kitchen or tabletop with these attractive mills in Le Creusetas iconic colors. The pepper millas burly grinding mechanism easily cracks peppercorns, while the salt mill features a corrosion-resistant grinding mechanism. Grind consistency adjusts from extra fine to coarse with a turn of the knob. Available in a range of vivid colors, mills are the perfect accompaniment to Le Creusetas cookware and dinnerware.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Le Creuset Price: USD 38.00

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