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Girlas Dress Cookie Cutter
Description: A batch of cookies fresh from the oven sweetens any occasionacelebrate year-round with fresh-baked treats for family and friends. Our collection of cookie cutters in a huge array of fun shapes and sizes is perfect for kidsa parties or after-school snacks, and helps create the perfect complement to ice cream and coffee. 4.25.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Ann Clark Price: USD 1.25

Cole & Mason Black Richmond Electric Mill Gift Set
Description: A great gift for the gadget lover, this electric mill set is both functional and sleek. The salt grinder is made of durable alumina ceramic, while the pepper-grinding mechanism is made of hardened carbon steel, allowing it to strip the peppercorns down by their individual layers and deliver a more fully rounded and intense flavor. Lifetime warranty. 8A 1/2 .

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cole & Mason Price: USD 59.95

OXO Cookie Press with Storage Box
Description: Ergonomic design lets you create dozens of perfectly pressed cookies with no hand strain. Includes 12 stainless steel cookie disks, featuring patterns for every occasion.Read what Cook's Illustrated has to say.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: OXO Price: USD 29.95

Victorinox Rosewood Bread Knife
Description: Perfect for slicing through a crusty baguette or a light, airy brioche, this serrated bread knife will become an indispensible part of your collection. This versatile knife pairs the durability and high-performance features of Victorinoxas commercial-grade knives with an ergonomic rosewood handle that is as comfortable as it is attractive. Lightweight European steel offers an excellent alternative to heavy cutlery and enables incredible balance and control.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Victorinox Swiss Army Price: USD 59.95

Cuisipro Deluxe Decorating Pen
Description: Garnish food, plates and decorate sweets with this easy-to-use decorating pen that helps you turn everyday foods and desserts into special creations with a decorative swirl or personal message. Just fill, hold like a pen, and gently squeeze the sides to decorate. Easy enough for a child to use, the pen doesnat require skill or practice. Set includes three decorating options: the pen nozzle for thick lines, a round tip, and a ribbon tip. The pen comes with the round tip assembled and the ribbon tip is stored in the cap. The capaat the end of the pumpascrews off, and the extra tip is stored inside. Pen is also compatible with standard-sized decorating tips.Filling the pen is even easier. Remove stainless-steel tip and place decorating pen in sauce. Slowly pull back on plunger. When the pen is full, push plunger down until sauce is released. Pen can be filled with store-bought or homemade sauces such as chocolate, icing, honey, or berry sauce. Holds 1.4 oz. of sauce. To clean, squeeze out any remaining sauce and place on top rack in the dishwasher or wash by hand. 25-year warranty.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cuisipro Price: USD 15.00

Lodge Seasoned Steel Grill Pan
Description: The perfect pan for grilling meat, seafood, veggies and moreaeven pizzaathis carbon steel pan features an ample cooking area with low, angled sides for easy turning and serving. Wide, riveted handles provide a secure grip for safe transport to and from the grill. Whether youare grilling shellfish and veggies or pan-frying a batch of bacon-wrapped jalapenos, youall love the results that you achieve with carbon steel. For over 100 years, Lodge has produced high-quality cookware that can be found everywhere from campsites to high-end restaurants. Lodge carbon steel cookware is pre-seasoned at the foundry and is ready to cook right out of the box. Web only.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Lodge Price: USD 69.95

EaCucina Home HealthyFry Air Fryer
Description: Tantalizingly crisp fries, amazing wings, snappy vegetables and moreathe HealthyFry makes cooking delicious meals and snacks easier than ever. Thanks to a powerful convection fan that circulates super-heated air around cooking food, the HealthyFry achieves the same mouthwatering, tender results as deep-frying, but requires much less oil. HealthyFry can also bake, roast and grill in a fraction of the time of conventional cooking methods.Click here for tips on getting started with your HealthyFryA

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Cucina Price: USD 149.95

StaubA Marine Skillet
Description: Staub cast-iron skillets are treasured kitchen staples for frying, searing and browning on the stovetop and baking in the oven. Please note: Because of its weight, the 12 skillet incurs an additional $5 shipping charge.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Staub Price: USD 189.95

Chilewich Mercury Shag Mat
Description: Innovative shag mats are tufted from durable, extruded yarns for a textured, stylish look thatas perfect everywhere from bathrooms and kitchens to outdoor patios and entryways. Hard-wearing vinyl resists mold and mildew, is suitable for use in all weather and is incredibly easy to cleanasimply vacuum, shake out, or hose off when dirty. Chilewich pairs modern materials with award-winning design for groundbreaking, maintenance-free products that add a touch of sophistication to any setting.Web only.

Store: Sur La Table Brand: Chilewich Price: USD 150.00

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