White Stoneware Grease Keeper
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Product Description

White Stoneware Grease KeeperFeatures: Includes fine stainless steel mesh strainerGreat for storing frying oil and bacon greaseDishwasher safe... Read More

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Description: Problem: You hate the look of an ugly "grease tin" sitting on your kitchen counter. Solved! You don't need to keep cooking grease in a beat-up old coffee can when you have the Stoneware Grease Keeper! This handy container stores bacon grease, cooking oil and other cooking grease inside a sturdy yet elegant stoneware crock. The easy-pour keeper includes a fine-mesh, stainless steel strainer for keeping clumps out of leftover cooking grease, while the lid eliminates greasy smells. Holds six cups. Dishwasher safe. Made of sleek, sturdy black stoneware Fine, stainless steel mesh strainer hides under lid when not in use 6-cup capacity Dishwasher safeDimensions5-1/2" dia. x 6-1/2"H

Store: Walmart US Brand: RSVP Price: USD 21.95