TagCo USA LS-SFM-11593 Two Elephants 5-in-1 Smoothing Facial Massager
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Product Description

This handy 5-in-1 smoothing facial massager This amazing device features 5 different brushes, each designed to help with different types of skin- Whether youre looking to exfoliate rough skin, massage and clean your skin, improve blood circulation, or clear dead skin on the surface, this device does it all- Youll love how great your skin looks, and youll be amazed at how wonderful it feels after using this massager-Features- Material - ABS- 5 different applicators for skin cleaning and massage- Crude polish accessory-exfoliates rough skin- Latex soft sponge-massages cheeks- Makeup sponge-massages and cleans your skin- Rolling massager-improves blood circulation- Soft brush-clears dead skin on the surface- Stimulates the production of new healthy skin cells- Minimizes pore size other skin imperfections- Reduces the effects of sun damage acne scarring- Compact and lightweight massager for face, scalp and body- Dual speed cleansing for beautiful skin - delivers deep cleansing gentle exfoliation at the same time- Soft bristles of the brush gently exfoliate your skin to remove dirt, oil makeup- Designed for daily use with your favorite facial cleanser, maximizing the results of your anti-aging cleanser, moisturizer or serum when compared to basic cleansing- Not waterproof- Powered by 2 x AA size batteries not included- Dimension - 5 L x 5 W x 3 H in- Item - 0-4 lbs- SKU: TGCO033... Read More


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