Officers Spyglass
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An intriguing and classic explorer's and navigator's tool. Essential instruments ? A compass, a sextant and a telescope. The telescope consists of a wood barrel holding an objective, a system of lenses. It is protected by brass collars and a decorative brass cap. To use, pull out the brass tubes (called drawers in Britain) . The smallest tube holds the eye objective. Judiciously push in the smallest end-tube to focus. Authentic Models - KA036... Read More

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Officer's Spyglass
Description: Bring faraway sights close. The wooden barrel of this classic tool holds a system of lenses that provide up to 8x magnification. To focus, adjust the smaller telescoping brass tube. Jefferson reportedly used his spyglass to watch the progress of the building of the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. 13""l x 1 3/4"" dia.

Store: Bellacor Brand: Authentic Models Price: USD 72.00