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Regular Litter Scoop
Description: Made from high impact plastic for extra durability. High polished finish that is odor & stain resistant & easy to clean.

Store: Camping World Brand: VAN NESS PLASTIC Price: USD 1.19

Protolina Clay 2 in. x 3 in. x 6 in. gray green firm 2 lb.
Description: Sulfur-free proto typing modeling material, designed to replace Kleen Klay and Roma Plastalina. For model making, sulpting, mold construction and work requiring non-hardening, resuable, selfadhering ultra smooth clay. Unlike the materials it replaces, Protolina contains no sulfur or sulfates making it ideal for use with silicon type mold compounds. Protolina is available in three firmnesses and two colors. Natural white is available in 1 lb. bars and gray green is available in 2 lb. bars

Store: Brand: Van Aken Price: USD 6.38

Plastalina Modeling Clay green 4 1 2 lb. bar
Description: Van Aken Plastalina (modeling clay) is a pigmented oil based modeling compound renowned throughout the world for its smooth consistency and brilliant color range. The colors are readily intermixable with ivory and white to obtain tints, with black for shades, and with each other to achieve intermediate hues.Van Aken Plastalina can be easily modeled by hand or with Van Aken double ended tools for fine detail. For certain production applications requiring multiple reproductions, Plastalina may also be melted (150U F/65.5UC) and poured into a mold.Preferred by sculptors, model makers, clay animators and artists of all ages, Van Aken Plastalina is self adhering, non-toxic, never hardens, remains pliable and plastic, and can be used time and time again. In fact, its consistency improves with age.Available in individual colors or four-color Claytoon sets (net weight 1 lb.) . All four colors in each set are individually cello wrapped for freshness and color brilliance.Every

Store: Brand: Van Aken Price: USD 11.19

Water Colour Pocket Box set of 18
Description: Pans are handy for painting outdoors. They have a soft sheen and release color easily. Contains 12 Van Gogh watercolor half pans in azo yellow medium, burnt sienna, Chinese white, cobalt blue, Payne's gray, permanent green, permanent lemon yellow, permanent red light, madder lake deep, yellow ochre, ultramarine deep, and viridian. Pans are easy to pop out and pop back in. The lid is removable for easy cleaning. This box incorporates five generous mixing trays into the lid. Contains a series 191 compact round brush, a sponge for larger areas, and an information leaflet with a color chart. Case measures approximately 5 in. x 4 in. x 3/4 in. and is slightly curved to fit in a hip pocket.

Store: Brand: Van Gogh Price: USD 53.89

Watercolor Tube Set set of 12
Description: This attractively shaped watercolor set contains 12-10 ml/0.03 oz. tubes of Van Gogh watercolors, a selected filament Van Gogh brush series 191/6, and a sponge for larger areas contained in an attractive light grey plastic box with a contemporary design. When the lid opens it becomes a six well palette. Also included is an inspiring leaflet with step-by-step techniques and color chart. Paint colors are azo yellow medium, burnt sienna, Chinese white, cobalt blue, Payne's gray, permanent green, permanent lemon yellow, madder lake deep, permanent red light, viridian, yellow ochre, and ultramarine deep.

Store: Brand: Van Gogh Price: USD 40.08

Pastels set of 24
Description: Ideal for sketching, drawing, and illustrating. Suitable for beginners and experienced amateurs. Van Gogh pastels offer a splendid range of colors, are easy to use and give the best results. General color selection.

Store: Brand: Van Gogh Price: USD 36.54

Oil Color permanent red 40 ml (1.35 oz)
Description: Sturdy oil color of professional quality is made with the same high quality pigments that are in Rembrandt Oils, only in somewhat lower concentrations. Meticulous manufacturing procedures and strict laboratory controls ensure pure color, buttery consistency and dependable working qualities in every tube. The selection of 57 brilliant colors has an overall excellent degree of lightfastness. Symbols for lightfastness and opacity/transparency are printed on each tube.

Store: Brand: Van Gogh Price: USD 10.49

Repel Gel 3 4 oz.
Description: Repel Gel prevents polymer clay from adhering to itself when it's cured. It's easy to apply: just brush a thin coat to the clay where adhesion is not desired, assemble the clay parts, and cure. It also cleans up easily with water.

Store: Brand: Van Aken Price: USD 3.12

Watercolors phthalo green
Description: Super fine watercolors make painting more of a pleasure because of their extraordinarily high quality. These watercolors are artist-quality and have good lightfastness and covering power. All of the vibrant colors are available at a great, economical price. 0.3 oz. (10 ml) tubes.

Store: Brand: Van Gogh Price: USD 2.93

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