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Dakota Signature Series Flocked Canada Honker Decoys
Description: Realism has met its match with the high-definition Dakota Signature Series Flocked Canada Honker Decoys. These decoys have a one-piece body so theres no more messing with loose heads, and are made of durable EVA plastic meaning they can take a beating and still look like they just landed. Unique body postures will bring your spread to life. Each includes Dakotas proven Wind Walker Motion Bases meaning no more struggling to push stakes into frozen ground. Imported. Available: Active Per 6. Feeders Per 6. Sentry Per 6. Type: Canada Goose Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 299.99

Dakota Decoy Snow Goose Floaters
Description: Find a good watering hole and youll kill birds all day long with these Dakota Decoy Snow Goose Floaters. Soft, tough EVA plastic holds up to cold-weather, hard-hunting abuse. Weighted keels deliver true-to-life motion on the water. Detailed paint jobs make them indistinguishable from live geese. Six-pack includes six upright decoys with nonadjustable heads. Per 6. Type: Snow/Blue Goose Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 159.99

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Jake Turkey Decoy
Description: With its arrogant posture and uncanny realism, this semi-strut X-Treme Jake turkey decoy will drive mature toms crazy. The decoys posture incorporates a slight, backward head tilt and is the work of world-champion carver Dave Constantine. Dakotas nearly indestructible, pliable EVA-blend plastic is finished with high-quality paint backed by Dakotas replacement warranty. Each decoy is airbrushed down to the finest details, making it unique and more realistic. An included metal stake system can be stored internally when running and gunning. Type: Turkey Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 129.99

Dakota Decoys Floating Mallards, 12-Pack
Description: These highly detailed decoys go through a multi-step hand-painting process for an extra-realistic look. Heads can spin a full 360 to give your spread the most realistic look. Made from a proven tough 60/40 blend of high and low density polyethylene for years of trouble free use. These oversized 16" decoys have a weighted keel and a cleat to lengthen or shorten lines to the desired depth of water. Drakes come standard with one set of flocked heads. Includes 7 Drakes with 4 head styles and 5 Hens with 2 head styles.

Store: Gander Mountain Brand: Dakota Decoys Price: USD 179.99

Dakota Decoy X-treme Fully Flocked Floater Mallard Decoys 12-Pack
Description: Dakota Decoy has gone above and beyond with these Cabelas-exclusive next-generation X-treme Floater Mallard Decoys. Drakes come fully flocked - hens are painted. Unlike other decoys that use paint to create lifelike colors, these decoys obtain outstanding realism through four colors of fiber. The result is very little wear for years of trouble-free use. Six head styles spin 360, giving your spread the most realistic look ever. Flocked drake heads duplicate the sheen Mother Nature gives a mallard drake. Durable 60/40 blend of high- and low-density polyethylene construction. Weighted keel features a cleat on front to lengthen or shorten line as needed. Includes: six drakes with four head styles and six hens with two head styles. Per 12. Length: 16. Type: Mallard Duck Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 209.99

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Jake Turkey Decoy
Description: Youll have to look twice at the Dakota Decoy X-Treme Flocked Jake Turkey Decoy to make sure it isnt real. The arrogant back head-tilt, semi-strut posture and realistic flocked look will fool even the wariest tom, bringing him in looking for a fight. Made of a nearly indestructible EVA-blend plastic that boasts the best paint retention on the market, this turkey decoy even boasts a high-durability flocking made of eye-fooling long-fiber strands that last for seasons of use. Includes a metal-stake system that can be stored inside the decoy. Imported.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 129.99

Dakota Decoy X-Treme Breeder Turkey Decoy Pack
Description: Drive toms crazy with this breeding pair of decoys including Dual-Purpose Hen and X-treme Jake. Set the hen on the ground in her submissive pose with the jake facing her rear and get ready for the show. The breeding instinct will take over causing toms to go in for the attack. Constructed of nearly indestructible EVA-blend plastic, these decoys offer superior paint retention. Included metal stake system fits into the decoys internal storage for ease of transport. Imported Type: Turkey Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 209.99

Dakota Floating Canada Decoy
Description: You'll find the attention to detail and function in X-Treme Canada Floaters that have become Dakota Decoy's trademark. The bodies are molded out of a mix of tough, high- and low-density polyethylene to give you the durability you expect. Carved-in detail and airbrushed painting make for unsurpassed realism. A slightly recessed bottom helps the decoy stick to the water and prevents the slapping noise common with many inferior decoys. They ride naturally and are self-righting thanks to their weighted keel. The molded keel has a cleat for line adjustment. Screw-mount heads stay on when setting decoys or picking up. The decoys have flocked heads and come in four realistic positions. Per 6. Type: Canada Goose Decoys.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 199.99

Dakota Decoy Six-Slot Lesser Goose Decoy Bag
Description: Organize and protect your decoys when theyre not in use. This Dakota Decoy Six-Slot Lesser Goose Decoy Bag is lined with foam for worry-free storage and transportation. Zippered top keeps out water and dirt, and drain holes in the bottom shed moisture from the bag. Heavy-duty PVC construction holds up to cold, wet weather. Padded, adjustable shoulder strap for easy in-field carry. Zippered closure. Imported. 28L x 18W x 22H. Type: Decoy Bags.

Store: Cabela's Brand: Dakota Decoy Price: USD 89.99

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