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Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 75 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: While some hot dog grills can be difficult to work with, the NEMCO Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating and 75 hot dog capacity (8075SX) was designed with the operator and customer in mind. With exclusive GripsIt technology and dual-heated grill, this machine is capable of serving up to 1,500 hot dogs an hour and is a great merchandiser for any catering or retail outlet. Powerhouse Design: NEMCO are famous for their durable, long-lasting design and manufacturing, and the 8075SX delivers. This machine has a robust stainless steel and aluminium construction and uses a ball bearing motor to guarantee longevity and performance Efficiency-Focused: With seven heat settings and independent front/rear heaters, you can control how you want to prepare and serve your food for maximum efficiency Made for Crowds: Serving up to 1500 hot dogs an hour, this machine was designed for high-traffic sales. Switch on, load up and start making money in minutes Factory Warranty: With a one year NEMCO factory warranty, you can breathe easy

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1592.80

Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with Digital Temperature Readout and GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 50 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: With a slanted design and 360-degree rollers, the Slanted Non-Stick Hot Dog Roller with Temperature Readout from NEMCO (8050SX-SLT-RC) is a perfect money-making merchandiser. This machine holds and cooks 50 hot dogs at once, but can serve up to 1000 an hour, which is ideal for busy catering environments. Its slanted design puts the hot dogs in centre stage, while its stainless steel construction and GripsIt non-stick coating mean cleaning and maintenance is a breeze. Slanted design: This merchandiser's slanted design puts your hot dogs on display and encourages impulse buys Control the temperature: With individual heating elements in each roller which distribute wattage for uniform cooking, you can control how your food is prepared and held. A digital temperature readout comes included with this model so you can always keep track of how your food is doing Non-stick rollers: The 8050SX-SLT-RC's rollers are coated in NEMCO's exclusive GripsIt non-stick coating which means your rollers are easy to clean and prevent residue build-up High product turnaround: With a large roller grill, this machine holds and cooks up to 50 hot dogs at a time, and can produce up to 1000 per hour Made for industry: This machine's motor was made for industry and has a commercial-grade design and construction which can endure near-constant use. A stainless steel ball bearing and aluminum-housed design means your motor is protected against heat, oil and food debris so you can relax knowing your machine will deliver time after time without callouts or replacement parts One year warranty: NEMCO include a one year limited parts and labor warranty as standard to give you peace of mind

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1614.80

Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 27 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: Generate incredible return on investment with a NEMCO 27-capacity Non-Stick Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill (8027SX-SLT) . This cost-effective merchandiser can serve up to 540 hot dogs per hour, and its two-heater design means it works for both on- and off-peak times. Its slanted display and 360 roller rotation entice customers and increase impulse buys. Save Money: Efficiently designed to help you save money, the 8027SX-SLT's independent front and rear heaters mean you can run on a half-service during off-peak times Works Out The Box: This machine works straight out of the box - it has a 6' plug which works in any socket, and requires no ventilation so you can take it anywhere you go Hygienic and Simple: Cleanliness is incredibly important for any food handler, but so is time. This machine includes a removable drip pan and features a stainless steel design which is easy to wipe down and clean Slanted Display: 7 degree slanted rollers help to show off your hot dogs and encourage impulse buys - who can resist delicious, juicy hot dogs! Warranty: A one year factory warranty comes included with this product to give you peace of mind

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 893.75

Digital Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 50 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: Take your food merchandising to the next level with the NEMCO Non-Stick Digital Slanted Hot Dog Roller with 50 hot dog capacity (8250SX-SLT) . This durable, powerful machine preheats, cooks and holds your hotdogs automatically, so you can spend more time serving and less time preparing. This slanted machine guarantees high-impact impulse buys and offers serious return on investment. Non-stick: Using NEMCO's exclusive GripsIt technology, this machine's hot dog rollers are non-stick and easy to clean Set it and go: This machine includes pre-programming which means it will preheat, cook and hold your hot dogs without you changing a setting, so you can spend more time serving customers Warranty: NEMCO include a one year parts and labor warranty as standard for your peace of mind Slanted design: Make customers look at your hot dogs with this machine's slanted design Motor: The 8250SX-SLT includes the industry's most durable motor to power its rollers Rotating rollers: This machine includes 360-degree roller rotation to prevent residue build up and showcase your food to passing customers

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1457.50

Easy FryKutter- 4 Section Wedge
Description: For bulk potato wedges, perfect as a side dish for steaks and calzones, then you'll need this Nemco 55450-4 Easy Wedge FryKutter for the best results. Just place a potato, peeled or unpeel, in front of the sturdy square cutting area and push once with the short throw handle and you've got four identical wedges with no excess food waste. The well-built aluminum construction coupled with the smooth and effortless handle operation allows this cutter to serve any commercial kitchen continuously without inducing fatigue among staff or breaking under pressure. This unit is the heavy-duty means of creating bulk quantities of wedges that your restaurant or dining establishment needs. The versatile countertop/wall-mount design means this cutter works great as a wedge cutter for domestic use too. Perfect Wedges:Cuts medium sized potatoes and other tough vegetables into four equal sized wedges with no waste using the 3.375 square cutting area to make full use of every vegetable cut Sturdy:The apparatus is made with stern aluminum to ensure a long lifespan. This unit won't tarnish from excessive use or from built-up food residue/acids Comfort:The handle has smooth leverage that allows users to cut potatoes and other vegetables into wedges with one single motion - allowing users to keep cutting wedges continuously without getting tired - raising productivity Versatile Mounting:This wedge cutter works perfectly when used as a countertop model or when mounted to a wall (separate wall bracket required) Made in America:NSF listed American construction for guaranteed reliability. Nemco even offers an extensive warranty to cover this unit against defects, showing how dedicated they are to offering quality products to their customers

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 228.25

Monster Airmatic FryKutter 3/8 Air-Powered French Fry Cutter
Description: Compressed air powered cutter that can make short work of potatoes, celery, onions, and even soft vegetables like tomatoes. This 56455-2 model of Nemco FryKutter uses a powerful pneumatic cylinder and a 4.25 cutting area to push and cut vegetables to a width of 0.375 in only a second. Loading the machine doesn't take long either, and the only other thing users will need to do for perfectly sliced food is close the polycarbonate guard that protects them from getting cut or injured. The unit also keeps itself stable with the help of a set of handy suction cup feet that allow safe and stable usage of this machine without any user fatigue. Compressed Air:Instead of manually pushing the vegetables through blades, this device incorporates a pneumatic cylinder which pushes through even the largest and toughest vegetables with little effort. This cutter requires access to compressed air before it can be used Built To Last:Stainless steel and cast aluminum were used predominantly for the construction of this cutter - keeping it durable against food stains and copious wear and tear Compatible With Other Blades:With purchase of this cutter you will get a blade assembly which cuts 0.375 thick slices - ideal for fries. Other blade assemblies (sold separately) can be fitted onto the device easily Safe To Use:The cylinder is activated when the polycarbonate guard has been closed, protecting users while they slice vegetables Great Stability:Stays firmly placed on any countertop thanks to the suction cup feet that come with this device Easy Operation:User fatigue will be a thing of the past with this unit. The only thing you need to do is place the vegetable and close the guard. This easy action allows this machine to cut potatoes at a rate of 720 an hour Wall Mount Compatible:As well as keeping well grounded with the suction cup feet, this unit also works great as a wall-mounted model to save on countertop space (wall bracket not included)

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1531.75

Easy Wedger - 10 Section
Description: Cut down on wasted time and labor when cutting wedges with this amazing wedge slicing designed to handle copious use for bulk production. The Nemco 55500-10 Easy Wedger comes fitted with a centering rod-guided push-block that's powerful enough to push most fruits and vegetables through the stainless steel blades that come standard. With every use, you get 10 wedges instantly - suitable for cutting both fruits and vegetables. This unit cuts wedges without crushing or bruising the fruit/vegetable being sliced. Slicing is a cinch with this stable design, featuring angled legs and a set of rubber feet to prevent slipping. Stainless Steel:The blades of this wedger stay clean from food acids and residue to keep them performing to peak efficiency for longer. They're also razor sharp- making light work of most fruits and vegetables Well-Designed:Fitted with stable angled legs with rubber feet to keep it from moving around the countertop while being used. The legs also raise the apparatus high enough to provide enough room for a bowl or other receptacle to fit underneath the cutting area to catch the wedges as they're made Very Precise Slicing:A pair of centering rods are installed to keep the push-block pushing to the exact same location for a consistent result with every use User Friendly:Using the push-block is easy and does not require a great deal of force or effort, making long periods of use possible. This is great for producing bulk amounts of wedges to stockpile so that your business is never caught short of a particular ingredient

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 110.00

Easy Chopper 2- 1 Chop
Description: This well-built fruit and vegetable chopper is something every professional kitchen needs to be able to meet higher demands and grow as a business. This Nemco 56500-4 easy chopper provides a means for anyone to precisely dice ingredients with the single push of a handle - raising productivity by creating high bulk quantities of bulk and dicing faster than the hand-cut method could ever achieve. This unit is fitted with a push-block and a blade assembly, which work in tandem to create 1 thick chunks from virtually any fruit or veg, no matter how tough or soft. If you don't want 1 thick chunks, the blade assembly is easy to remove and replace with the other types of blade assembly Nemco have on offer (sold separately) , making this a very versatile tool that any commercial could stand to benefit from. Stainless Steel:The blade assembly that comes with this chopper dices fruit and veg to 1 width, and do this with even the toughest foods thanks to its ultra sharp stainless steel blades Tough Construction:This chopper is made with commercial grade aluminum, which makes it dent-proof, resistant to food acids and particles and helps this chopper continue serving your company for many years without issue Customizable Cutting:This unit was built with customization in mind. The blade assembly you're provided with can easily be removed and replaced with one of the many other blade assemblies Nemco provides (not included) . This allows you to have more chopping options Large Cutting Area:The area for cutting on this unit is 4.25 square inches, allowing larger and tougher vegetables or fruit to fit on and be easily cut into chunks Anyone Can Use It:This unit does not instill fatigue in users - the simple operation of this unit means that more dicing can be done for longer because, unlike the hand-cutting method, this unit doesn't tire people out while operating it. It's also faster than hand-cutting, which guarantees that you'll be experiencing a raise in productivity with this chopper

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 199.65

Easy Chopper 2- 1/2 Slice
Description: Cutting your products by hand is not only time-consuming, but it can lead to inconsistent results and can put terrible strain on staff. With the Nemco 56500-7 Easy Chopper 2 practically anyone can slice fruit and vegetables quickly and precisely with no training whatsoever. Place a fruit or vegetable on the cutting area, bring the push-block down, and the slicing is done. In mere seconds you can have a pile of manageable 0.5 thick slices - great for filling sandwiches or preparing salads. The comfortable weighted handle of the push-block, coupled with the smooth operation from the guide rods, allows continuous use without discomfort - keeping your kitchen well-stocked with finely sliced produce. 0.5 Slices:The stainless steel blades that come with this unit are attached in an assembly which attaches to the cutting area and converts any food that passes through it into 0.5 thick slices ready for food prep Highly Durable:This chopper can keep creating slices for years and years thanks to its solid aluminum construction. The commercial grade aluminum used to make the main body of this chopper can withstand food acid corrosion and general wear and tear Blade Assemblies:Nemco make a wide range of blade assemblies that can be affixed to this unit for a variety of cutting widths and styles - saving you from having to buy multiple choppers. This unit comes with the standard 0.5 slicer and other assemblies are sold separately Convenient Design:The legs of this unit raise it high enough to allow a small bowl to be placed underneath to catch the slices as they're created. The cutting area is also large enough (4.25 sq. in.) to accommodate bigger portions of produce Comfortable:Fitted with a weighted handle to make operating the push-block very comfortable. The guide rods also keeps the push-block secure to keep it from deviating in direction and keeping the slices precise

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 199.65

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