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12oz Popcorn Popper
Description: With its ability to make up to 240oz of popcorn an hour, the NEMCO 12oz Countertop Popcorn Popper (6445) is a great addition to a busy catering environment. Its stainless steel and tempered glass design looks great on any countertop and makes it a perfect merchandising opportunity. During popcorn production, the machine's underside aluminum disc distributes heat to avoid burning, while an automated heated storage deck helps to keep popcorn warm after it has been made. This machine's automatic closing lid prevents you from touching hot surfaces 12oz Kettle: With a 12oz kettle inside of this popper means you can make up to 240oz of popcorn an hour Keeps Popcorn Warm: Your popcorn popper includes an integrated heated deck to keep your popcorn warm and toasty Durable Construction: With stainless steel and tempered glass, this machine is highly durable Automatic Closing Lid: With an automatic magnetic closing lid for your safety Even Popping: With an aluminum disc, heat is distributed across the kettle for even popping and a burn-free finish

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 937.75

Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/2
Description: The Nemco 55975 Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/2 is the quickest way to get perfectly cut, identical chicken strips. This machine is simple to use, with it only requiring a pusher block be closed onto the chicken to perform precision cuts. This model slices chicken to measures of 0.5 in width, with detachable blade assembly to accommodate different sizes without needing a separate unit. The blades of this device, while reliably slicing through chicken with no drop in quality, are intentionally unsharpened to avoid injury to users. The size and shape of the Easy Chicken Slicer also allows for easy integration into any kitchen or dining environment, along with space underneath for a pan. Perfect Portion Control:Get 0.5 strips of chicken with every use, without exception, with a method that is much quicker and reliable than manually cutting the chicken by hand Strong Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction:The strong aluminum housing for the stainless steel blades provide reliability and the guarantee that you will be getting years of amazing service from it Doesn't Clog:The blades and pusher block are positioned in such a way to prevent excess chicken being lodged in the machine - stopping mess and the waste of produce Easy Operation: All this device requires is the closing of the pusher block in one motion to get top-notch results. One action does it all Safe to Use:The powerful stainless steel blades have not been sharpened, to prevent injury, but can still effectively slice through chicken with ease Great Stability:The Easy Chicken Slicer features suction cups on it's four sturdy legs to keep it stable on any surface and prevent slipping on work surfaces Good Clearance and Compact Design:The non-electrical design of the Easy Chicken Slicer allows it to fit any countertop, and also provides 2.5 of free space underneath it to house pans

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 217.80

24 Stainless Steel Horizontal Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser
Description: Designed to hold sandwiches, pizzas, snacks and other baked goods, the NEMCO 24 Stainless Steel Horizontal Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser (6480-24) is perfect for displaying your food in any catering outlet. The machine can maintain safe food temperatures for extended periods and comes with two thermostats so each of its two shelves can operate independently. The compact size makes it perfect for countertops or outlets with limited space, while its stainless steel and tempered glass design make it a durable device which is easy to clean and maintain. Lots of Space: This merchandiser has two 24 stainless steel shelves for your food, which can be used to store anything that requires heat. There's room for 36 4 sandwiches or other food such as pies, pastries and cakes Easy to Clean: This machine's stainless steel exterior and tempered glass side panels make it easy to clean and maintain with very little effort required so that you can focus on more important catering duties Customizable: You have complete control over your merchandiser, with independent heat and light controls for each shelf. Adjustable food dividers are also included for your convenience Warranty: This machine was built to last. However, with a one year labor and parts warranty on this machine, you have peace of mind that you're covered should anything go wrong

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1378.30

36 Stainless Steel Slanted Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser
Description: The NEMCO 36 Stainless Steel Slanted Double Shelf Hot Food Merchandiser (6480-36S) is the perfect addition to any catering environment where food needs to be warm and on display. This 6480-36S model features a slanted design to put the product at the center of attention, and its 36 shelves mean there's room to hold up to 60 sandwiches. With independent light and temperature controls and adjustable food dividers, you can store a whole variety of different snacks at once. The merchandiser has a stainless steel and tempered glass design, so it looks great and it can be cleaned and maintained with ease. Slanted Design: The slanted design of this merchandiser means all of your food is on display and the next product slides forward when an item is taken Highly Customizable: This machine includes independent light and temperature controls which mean each shelf can store different food and different temperatures. Adjustable food dividers are also included so you can space out your merchandiser to suit you Space for Lots of Food: With two 36 shelves, you have lots of room to display a variety of tempting treats. Up to 60 four-inch sandwiches fit into this merchandiser, so you can spend more time selling your products instead of filling up Cleanliness First: We know that maintenance and cleanliness is important to you and your business, so this merchandiser has been designed with stainless steel and glass for easy cleaning One-Year Peace of Mind: This machine has been designed to last, but if something does go wrong we've included a one-year parts and labor warranty

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1724.25

Hot Food Merchandiser with 3 Angled 15 Shelves
Description: The NEMCO Hot Food Merchandiser with 3 Angled 15 Shelves (6424) is a perfect storage and display solution for high-traffic retail environments. This merchandiser has three shelves to show off pies, pastries, donuts or other on-the-go snacks and has backlit graphic headers on three sides to attract attention. With its tempered glass and black power textured design, it is modern and looks great on any countertop or in any catering environment. Integrated temperature control and a digital display keeps you in charge of your products and how they are stored. Modern Design: Constructed using stainless steel and coated in a black powdered texture, the Hot Food Merchandiser is a modern, great looking addition to any catering environment. With tempered glass and no corner posts on the front of the display, your products will be on display for all to see Eye Catching Headers: This merchandiser includes modern, contemporary designed headers to display on each side of your machine. The three front headers are backlight for added effect, which will attract attention 15 Angled Shelves: The merchandiser comes with three 15 shelves which give you lots of space to show off your food. The angled design means your customers can see all of your products at once, and integrated lighting puts everything in the spotlight Temperature Control: This machine includes a mechanical dial for temperature control so you use your machine to stock different products. Its integrated digital temperature display helps keep track of the temperature and adjust it accordingly Recessed Water Pan: The integrated recessed water pan on this merchandiser gives you the flexibility of using moist heat to control the temperature and texture of your products

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1252.90

Rotating 3-Tier Pizza Merchandiser with 18 Racks
Description: If you sell pizzas, the NEMCO Pizza Merchandiser with Three 18 Racks (6451) could be just for you. This model is great for selling larger pizzas or pizzas by the slice, and helps maximize impulse buys by displaying what's on offer with overhead lighting and a rotation system. The machine's tubular heating system and water reservoir ensure that your pizzas are kept warm and dry, while the stainless steel and tempered glass design make it easy to clean and maintain. Stainless Steel Design: This model's stainless steel and tempered glass design make it highly durable and easy to clean so that you can focus on more important catering activities Room for Large Pizzas: This merchandiser has room to show off three 18 pizzas, giving you the chance to encourage sales at the countertops. Whether you're selling by the slice or selling pizzas whole, this merchandiser is the perfect companion to a busy catering environment Temperature Control: If you want to manage the temperature of your pizzas on a deeper level, you can do so by using temperature gauge and adjustable thermostat on the merchandiser Lights: Overhead internal lighting puts your pizzas in the spotlight Contemporary Signage: This merchandiser has contemporary signage on the front with 'Fresh Pizza' and 'Hot and Fresh' graphics included, so you can choose what you want to display Quick Start Up: This merchandiser takes just 16 minutes to heat up to its recommended temperature of 180 degrees, meaning you have more time in your workday to serve and sell warm, tasty pizzas Rotation: Rotation on the 6451 machine makes the pizza buying process more engaging and dynamic, giving your customers something to look at and increasing the possibility for an impulse buy. For your safety, the machine will stop rotating when the door opens, meaning you can serve easily without the need of fiddling for buttons to pause rotation

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1273.25

Easy Apple Corer- 8 Section
Description: The Nemco 55550-8C 8 Section Easy Apple Corer takes all the hassle and effort out of effectively slicing fruit into equal segments. This device features an easy to use vertical pusher that presses the fruit onto powerful stainless steel blades, you can create perfectly sliced fruit with one push. The sturdy rubber feet on the units legs keep it stable whilst being used and prevent any potential mess. This machine can also remove and cores of apples just as quickly as it segments them - negating the manual labor behind cutting an apple by hand. Sharp Stainless Steel:The blades included in the product are sharp and robust enough to continue providing great results even after years of use Easy to Operate:All this machine requires to cut apples perfectly every time is one vertical push of the handle onto the fruit Ergonomic:This product stands on four legs that can take heavy pressure and have thick rubber feet to prevent slipping or sticking on surfaces Centering Rods:These rods help optimize precision of the device, meaning that it will provide perfect cuts of apples, no matter how tough, with no sloppy results Very Easy to Clean:No special washing instructions - the unit can be taken apart and easily cleaned in a sink or dishwasher Compatible with Other Components:You can also replace the blade assembly and push block to cut fruit into different segments, without having to buy a whole new unit Does Not Bruise:The way in which this device was designed means you won't be bruising the fruit while cutting it. The blades do not tarnish the fruits skin

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 139.15

Hot Food Merchandiser with 3 Angled 19 Shelves
Description: Hot snacks like pastries and pies are great impulse buys and with high mark-ups, and the NEMCO Hot Food Merchandiser with 3 Angled 19 Shelves (6425) is a great investment. This machine has three 19 square shelves as well as backlit headers and integrated lighting, which helps put your food in the spotlight. The tempered glass and black power textured design means it looks modern and stylish in any catering environment, while its integrated temperature display gives you control over how hot your food is. You Control the Temperature: With a mechanical dial for temperature control and integrated digital display, you have complete control over the temperature of your products Recessed Water Pan: This machine includes an integrated recessed water pan which lets you add moist heat inside of the cabinet to stop your products from going dry 19 Shelves: With three large 19 shelves, there is lots of room for you to show your products and the angled design of this merchandiser means all of your food can be seen at once Great Design: This merchandiser is a durable, long-lasting product made from a stainless steel construction and coated in a black powdered texture. To make a maximum impact on customers, there are no corner posts on the front of the machine Contemporary Graphics: Modern signage is included, and there are backlights on the three front headers of the merchandiser to make it stand out and look great

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1546.60

Easy Pineapple Corer and Peeler
Description: This device only requires one motion and you can cut through pineapples and remove their cores in no time at all. The Nemco 55775 Easy Pineapple Corer and Peeler removes all of the labor and time it takes to prepare pineapples by hand. This machine is not only simple to operate, but is also safety conscious , incorporating a locking mechanism to prevent the blades going anywhere near the users hands. The stainless steel cutting blades and the aluminum components make for a sturdy device that will last for years to come. The suction cup feet and stable legs of the device means it won't shake or fall while being used - providing a stable, reliable cutting motion. Quick Effective Cutting:This device makes preparing pineapple a breeze. With one simple motion of the handle, the core and outer shell are removed Long Lasting Design:The aluminum parts hold together a long lasting stainless steel blade that will stay sharp for longer - making the product durable while still consistently outputting quality cut pineapple Great Stability: The ergonomic legs and suction cups on the device makes it sit well on any countertop without shaking or risk of falling over or slipping on surfaces Safe to Use:The locking mechanism prevents the users hands going near the blades while a pineapple is being loaded onto the device - making it both easy and safe for anyone to use Easy to Dismantle: Easy to take apart to clean, in order to extend the longevity of an already long lasting product Non-Electric Portable Countertop Build: The Easy Pineapple Corer and Peeler requires no electrical outlet and is manually operated, making it simple to move around and integrate into a workplace Cuts Cleanly: The clean cut of this machine prevents mess around the work area and the potential waste of produce when it comes to manually preparing pineapple - helping you get the most out of you stock

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 570.90

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