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Hot Dog Roller Grill with Digital Temperature Readout and GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 75 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: With its ability to serve up to 1500 hot dogs per hour, the NEMCO Hot Dog Roller Grill with Digital Temperature Readout and GripsIt Non-Stick Coating (8075SXW-RC) provides endless opportunities for high-profit sales. This workhorse unit was built with performance and longevity in mind, and includes NEMCO's exclusive non-stick GripsIt coating and the industry's most robust motor. Stadium Capacity: Whether used in a stadium stand or in a busy self-serve restaurant, the NEMCO roller grill offers high volume production. With a 75 capacity grill and an ability to serve up to 1500 hot dogs per hour, an investment in a 8075SXW-RC will deliver Quality Construction: Built using quality aluminum and stainless steel, the NEMCO 8075SXW-RC was designed to perform time after time and withstand intense daily use GripsIt: This model includes NEMCO's exclusive GripsIt technology which prevents hot dogs from sticking and residue build up Digital Readout: With a digital readout, you can check the temperature of your grills and decide whether they need adjusting Durable Motor: This roller grill includes the industry's most durable motor. Its sealed design uses ball bearings, which helps prevent grease leakage out of the motor, and ensures a high-performance, long lasting merchandiser Wide Design: With a wide 35.75 design, this machine is capable of serving a whole variety of on-the-go snacks, including sausages, tamales, tornados and more

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1572.45

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8018 Roller Grill- 24 Bun Capacity
Description: To give your customers a great tasting hot dog, try the Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8018 Roller Grill with 24 bun capacity (8018-BW) from NEMCO. With a moist-heat design, your buns will be perfect time after time, and with a stackable design made specifically for the NEMCO 8018 Roller Grill, you can save on space and maximize on your investment. Room for 24 Buns: This merchandiser has the capacity to hold up to 24 buns, making it easy for you to serve a bulk of customers without having to refill Built-in Water Pan: Heat and humidity is provided by an in-built water pan, so you can relax knowing your buns won't dry out Sliding Door: The 8018-BW's sliding door makes serving a breeze and opens opportunities for a self-serve operation One Year Warranty: NEMCO offer a full one year parts and labor warranty for your satisfaction Durable Stainless Steel: Crafted from durable aluminum and stainless steel, this machine was built to last and is incredibly easy to clean Merchandising Display: This model was designed with customers in mind, featuring an attractive display of buns and a 'Warm Fresh Hot Dog Buns' banner 200 degreeF Thermostat: With an integrated thermostat which can reach up to 200 degreeF, you can deliver warm buns without effort Designed for 8018 Roller Grill: This model was designed specifically for the NEMCO 8018 Hot Dog Roller Grill and tucks underneath with ease. However, with a compact and durable design, this machine can be used standalone or with any other hot dog roller grill

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 696.30

Digital Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with GripsIt Non-Stick Coating - 30 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: The Nemco Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill (8230SX-SLT) could be the ideal purchase for your concession stand, convenience store or snack bar, with its ability to prepare as many as 30 hot dogs simultaneously and prepare up to 600 hot dogs an hour. It is an equally great option for the preparation of tamales, egg rolls and other more unusual menu items. Easy To Clean:Cleaning is swift and simple, thanks to the grill's slanted GripsIt rollers boasting a SilverStone non-stick coating, which optimizes cooking rotation by providing a subtle amount of friction. Residue Buildup Prevention: The 360-degree rotation of all of the grill's rollers effectively wards off the threat of residue accumulation. Digital Temperature Controls: It couldn't be easier to keep an eye on the temperature of your grill and make any necessary adjustments accordingly. Usable By Everyone:Whether your staff have been with you for years or just days, this grill boasts the preprogramming options for preheating, cooking and holding that will make their experience a stress-free one. Wide Design: This grill is perfectly sized and shaped for shallower counter spaces, and nor does it need to be contained under a ventilation system while in use.

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1294.15

Hot Dog Roller Grill - 10 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: The Nemco Hot Dog Roller Grill (8010) makes a fine addition to any snack bar, convenience store or concession stand, with the ability to accommodate more than 10 hot dogs at a time and cook up to 200 hot dogs an hour. It can be used for a range of other menu items, including egg rolls and tamales, and sports a rugged stainless steel and aluminum construction. Consistent Cooking: This grill incorporates standard chrome rollers, each with an individual heating element to ensure that your hot dogs are evenly cooked from one end to the other. Resists Residue Buildup: The troublesome buildup of residue is prevented by the grill's rollers rotating 360 degrees. Rugged Construction: With this grill also being built from the highest quality stainless steel and aluminum, you can bet that it will last a while. Easy To Maintain: A sealed motor with ball bearings, as well as a grease barrier, prevent the leakage of grease from the motor, for the most efficient, sanitary operation. No Ventilation System Needed: Thanks to the grill's simple, no-nonsense design, there isn't even any need for a ventilation system while using it.

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 487.85

Easy Slicer 1/4 Fixed Cut Manual Slicer
Description: The Nemco 55200AN-8 Easy Slicer 1/4 Fixed Cut Manual Slicer saves time and money by negating the need to hand-chop food and instead provides the means to create a constant flow of identical slices ready for use. The machine takes the guess work out of chopping, and at a much faster pace, freeing up time to maintain other aspects of the workplace. You can be guaranteed long-lasting quality output with the Easy Slicer's stainless steel rotary blade that won't go dull, surrounded by robust aluminum components that won't crumble under pressure. The easy to use design gives you full control over the width of the slices, without needing any electricity or source of power. This model produces slices that can go as thin as 0.25 in width. Sharp and Powerful Spinning Blade:The stainless steel blade rotates at high speed and is capable or slicing almost any kind of produce - without slowing down or dulling Can Be Taken Apart with Ease:When the separate components need cleaning or mineral oil for lubrication, the simple design allows for a comprehensive dismantlement of the unit Built to Last:The stainless steel blade is strong enough to ensure a lengthy, cost-effective lifespan, but it is also surrounded by tough aluminum components that will not tarnish under stress Zero Electricity:With the handle folded in, this machine has very little clearance and does not need to be placed near any source of power Perfect Slicing:The Easy Slicer reduces the effort of cutting produce by hand tenfold, but also creates an industry-standard result every time, at a fast pace Adaptable:Regardless of how liberally the machine is being used, the Easy Slicer can keep up with any pace, and maintain the stellar standard of output it achieves Clean and Compact:Thus machine not only takes up next to no room, but it also contains any potential food splatter and eliminating the chances of workplace contamination

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 259.60

Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/2 Scalloped
Description: The Nemco 55975 Easy Chicken Slicer 1/2 Scalloped makes preparing chicken strips effortless. This machine offers precision cutting with ultra durable stainless steel scalloped blades, which constantly output matching chicken strips instantly. The blades are simple to remove from the apparatus to try out different blade assemblies for varying widths. The blade assembly included in this product provides 0.5 wide chicken strips with every use. The scalloped blades of this slicer have not been sharpened to greatly lower any danger of harm in the workplace. When affixed to a surface, the Easy Chicken Slicer will stay stationary without wobbling or sliding on the surface, thanks to four stable legs and suction cups that keep it held down. Dependable Slicing with Every Use:Reduces any cooked chicken or poultry to a series of 0.5 wide strips every time it is used - with no unwanted variation Hard to Break:This machine is cost-effective because the aluminum and stainless steel components will make it last a long time without breaking Easy to Clean:Because the block and blade keep out excess chicken, cleaning this machine is simple - with easy to follow disassembly instructions to ease the hassle User-Friendly Design:Pulling down the push block onto the produce is the only action required. Easy to learn quickly Blades are Safe for Use:The machine comes with the blades left unsharpened to prevent wounding or contamination to the produce - and can still effortlessly slice through chicken Stays Held to Countertop:Can be affixed to any countertop with sturdy suction cups keeping it steady while being used to ensure the most precise slice Manually Operated and Compact:No power required - which means it isn't confined to one area of the workplace and can be placed anywhere due to it's compact size and low clearance

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 246.40

Easy Chicken Slicer- 1/4 Scalloped
Description: The Nemco 55975-2SC Easy Scalloped Chicken Slicer 3/8 creates industry-standard chicken strips to a range of custom widths. This machine comes with a super tough stainless steel blade assembly that cuts cooked chicken and other poultry it 0.25 thick slices - suitable for wraps and salads. Completely manual - the only action is bringing the lever down for the push block to come down on the produce - creating manageable and succulent strips. The blades themselves are scalloped, and kept unsharpened, to avoid users getting hurt. The Easy Chicken Slicer is made of 9 lb of hardened aluminum that won't tarnish after several uses and will bring you years of perfect slicing. Full Control Over Size and Shape:Cutting chicken by hand means you get different shapes and sizes, no matter how good you are. With the Easy Chicken Slicer you can get perfect results without any guesswork Withstands Years of Use:Aluminum and stainless steel means this machine can take a lot of punishment from use. The fact it won't need replacing means the unit is cost-effective as well Simple Deconstruction for Cleaning and Maintenance:The design of this machine keeps it clean while in use, but when it does need cleaning the disassembly process is very simple and can be washed easily Straightforward Operation:There is nothing complicated to getting perfect chicken strips. Simply pull the block down, and the chicken is sliced. No training required Blades Left Untreated:The Easy Chicken Slicer is not in the least bit dangerous. The blades have not been sharpened, preventing any risk of accident or contamination Secure Design:Highly stable with four raised legs, each with a suction cup, sticking it firmly to countertops to enable fast use without a dip in quality Compact:When not in use, this machine can be closed to give it a height of 6.25 - helping it be stored away without taking up too much space

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 269.50

Easy Chicken Slicer- 3/8
Description: This machine achieves what hand cutting alone cannot guarantee: perfectly sliced chicken strips every time with one simple motion. The Nemco 55975-1 Easy Chicken Slicer- 3/8 retains a constant output of uniform chicken strips, that can be changed in width by easily removing the blade assembly and replacing it with a different one of your choosing. This saves money on buying separate machines. This model can cut chicken to measures of 0.375 in width without falter, despite the fact that the blades have been intentionally unsharpened. This guarantees a safer working environment. The unit doesn't take up too much room on countertops either - adapting to an surface area with its stable legs and suction cup feet to prevent slipping. Consistent Control of Strips:You're guaranteed strips of chicken 0.375 in width with every single use - something that cannot be achieved while cutting by hand Built to Last:This machine utilizes tough materials to create a long lasting product. The aluminum components of this unit holds together the stainless steel blades - neither of which will deteriorate during use Clean Alternative to Hand Cutting:This machine reduces mess around the work area, and keeps itself clean as well by stopping excess chicken from being clogged inside. This makes cleaning the device all the more effortless No Training Required:The simple operation of this device means employees will require little to no training to understand it Unsharpened Blades:The blades are strong and built to last, but they have also been left unsharpened to create the perfect sharpness that effectively slices chicken while still being safe to touch Stays Stationary:This slicer has four stable legs that keep it grounded to countertops, and further anchored by four suction cup feet - maintaining it's great stability Portable Space Saver:The Easy Chicken Slicer requires zero power sources, which makes it fully portable. The legs that keep the unit raised also provide extra space for any pans to be kept underneath

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 229.90

Easy Chicken Slicer- 3/8 Scalloped
Description: For professional chicken strips that don't vary in quality, size or shape - the Nemco Easy Chicken Slicer delivers. The machine cuts chicken into strips with just the pull of one lever - creating perfect 0.375 wide strips. The scalloped blades are designed to be safe and to touch, while also slicing through any kind of cooked chicken or poultry. The blades are also very strong - they are comprised of stainless steel, which means you'll be getting a lot of use out of it for years to come. When you want different sizes, the blade assembly comes free from the machine with no problem, ready to be replaced with other blade assemblies. The body of the machine is comprised of aluminum, and is made to stay stationary without moving during operation - ensuring perfect slicing all the time. Constant High-Standard Results:You have full control over the portions you cut with this machine. Every slice guarantees strips that are 0.375 wide, as is the case with other blade assemblies (sold separately) Very Tough Materials:This machine has a long lifespan, thanks to its strong, but safe, steel blades and aluminum body Washing is Easy:Designed to prevent the build-up of poultry scraps, making cleaning the machine easy. Easily dismantled to wash in the sink or dishwasher Does Not Require Training:Learning how to use this machine to its full potential takes no time at all. One action provides one result Blades Left Untreated:The stainless steel blades cut through chicken with no trouble at all, but have been left unsharpened to stop users cutting themselves by accident Stead Cutting:The perfect slices are made possible by an unmoving set of suction cups that keep the apparatus from moving while being operated No Power Necessary:The manual design allows the Easy Chicken Slicer to be arranged in anyway suited, as it is not needed near an electric outlet

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 262.90

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