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Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8033 Roller Grill- 32 Bun Capacity
Description: Prevent stale and tasteless buns with this convenient hot dog bun warmer from Nemco. This machine keeps the buns warm and delicious, perfectly complementing the tasty hot dogs you'll be making with the 8033 roller grill. This warmer has a full capacity of 32 buns at a time, to provide bulk and sufficient warmth to stop them from losing their great taste and texture. The design negates the need for steam or a ventilation system, and instead provides dry heat to warm each bun. The apparatus incorporates a sealed motor which provides effective heating and doesn't leak easily. The hot dog warmer is durable, as well as practical - built with tough stainless steel and hinged polycarbonate doors. You can easily store it away or place it on any countertop with its low clearance, plus doors of this machine are sliding, lowering clearance even more. 32 Bun Capacity:Warms hot dog buns in bulk to help keep up with busy periods and provide a delicious product without any hassle Dry Heating:Does not use steam, and instead uses dry heat to keep the buns both warm and fresh Easy Thermostatic Controls:You are provided with full control over the heat of the machine, allowing you to time how long you want the buns to be warmed to better suit the amount of business you have that day Easy To Clean:The removable steel rack and the sliding door make accessing the inside of this bun warmer very easy - taking all of the stress out of cleaning Easy To Store Or Position:Fits underneath the Nemco 8033 roller grill to open up maximum potential space, and opens with a sliding door so that virtually no forward clearance is necessary Hardened Materials:Stainless steel construction, as well as a stainless steel rack at the bottom to prevent the hot dog buns from coming close to the water Simple Installation:Comes with a 6 ft plug that need only be plugged into a compatible wall outlet, and once this machine has been filled with a small amount of water you're ready to start warming hot dog buns

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 739.75

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8075 Roller Grill- 64 Bun Capacity
Description: Keep hot dog buns from going off by utilizing a hot dog bun warmer from Nemco. This machine accompanies the Nemco 8075 hot dog roller grill and can preserve the quality to any hot dog bun - keeping them from going stale, absorbing moisture and mismatching the hot dog itself with its low temperature. This machine allows you to get the most out of a hot dog bun, while you keep busy with other duties. This well-built warmer is predominantly comprised of rock-solid stainless steel, which includes the rack within the warmer. The hinged door is made with polycarbonate, and opens easily with a sliding motion, making access easy. This robust design keeps the bun warmer from buckling under pressure, serving you a high quality product for many years. This machine can withstand the weight of the 8075 hot dog roller grill, and can be stacked or placed just about anywhere thanks to the convenient and compact design. Maximum Of 64 Buns:Keep up with high demand with the abundance of quality hot dog buns this machine provides, helping with customer retention and ensuring you're never caught short on supply Does Not Utilize Steam:Dry heat it utilized in order to maintain the freshness of the bread and stop moisture from getting the bread soggy Thermostatic:Full thermostatic control allows you to cater to both the busy hours and the slow hours, with a peak temperature of 200 degreeF Front Servicing Is Easy:The front drawer slides open easily to allow front servicing - with the stainless steel interior rack being easy to remove to free up the entire cavity Built To Stack:Stacks perfectly underneath the 8075 for the best result, making access of both components hassle-free, but the size and shape of this machine allows it to be placed wherever it's best suited, because of its undemanding clearance requirements Stainless Steel:The unit is stainless steel, with the inner rack of the unit also being stainless steel - the door is durable too, being comprised of polycarbonate for good heat insulation 6 ft Plug:Only requires one compatible wall outlet for the 6 ft plug that comes included, then just 15 minutes to pre-heat, and it's ready for bulk bun warming

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 926.20

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8045N Roller Grill- 32 Bun Capacity
Description: The Nemco 8045N hot dog grill cooks superb hot dogs that make a tasty snack, but without a high quality bun they can only go so far. The perfect complement is a warm, soft hot dog bun provided by the Nemco 8045N-BW hot dog bun warmer, which can heat to temperatures of 200 degree F, utilize dry heat and provide a top-notch hot dog bun. The thermostatic controls allow for full control over temperature - letting you cater to the amount of clientele you need to serve quickly or slowly, depending on amount of clientele. This machine is build with solid foundations - using stainless steel for both its frame and its interior rack to ensuring it won't break under pressure, and effectively sit underneath the 8045N hot dog grill for easy access. As well as being strong, this bun warmer is also compact enough to stack and store anywhere with little effort. Little to no clearance is required on any side of this machine. Bulk of 36 Hot Dog Buns:The full capacity of this hot dog bun warmer is 36 - giving you plenty to work with for when peak hours of business come around Dry Heating:Dry heat is used to warm the buns to lessen the amount of moisture and keep them as soft and dry as possible Thermostatically Controlled:Full control over temperature allows you to cater to the amount of people you're serving Cleaning Is A Breeze:You can remove the rack and slide the door open on the front for quick access to the warmers cavity - allowing you to clean and service the machine without needlessly moving or dismantling it Fits Under Roller:Easy access to both the buns and hot dogs can be achieved by positioning the bun warmer directly underneath the hot dog grill - this machine is compact enough to be suitable anywhere in a dining environment Won't Break Under Pressure:The frame and inner rack of this warmer are both stainless steel, with the sliding door being comprised of polycarbonate - not only can it withstand the weight of a hot dog grill, the materials it is made of ensure it will perform to maximum output without issue for years Just One 6 ft Plug:Comes with a 6 ft plug, which is all that is required to install this machine - no assembly required

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 752.95

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8045W Roller Grill- 64 Bun Capacity
Description: To keep up with a high volume dining environment, Nemco provides the machine you need to get bulk amounts of fresh, warm hot dog buns. The Nemco 8045W-BW holds an impressive 64 hot dog buns, and keeps each and every one of them fresh, soft and a good temperature to create the best possible product when coupled with a hot dog from the Nemco 8045W roller grill. This machine is made with robust stainless steel, as well as a stainless steel rack within the interior, affording it a lengthy life-span. This unit doesn't require a ventilation system or steam in order to warm hot dog buns efficiently, the dry heat design of this machine keeps the break from becoming moist or soggy. The 8045W-Bw fits perfectly underneath the 8045W roller grill, but also has very low clearance, meaning it can be positioned anywhere within a kitchen or dining environment without taking up too much space. Designed to stack, so storage is easy-peasy too. Bulk Output:Can hold an impressive 64 hot dog buns at once, making serving big lines of customers no problem at all Dry Heating:This machine does not use excessive steam, but instead heats the buns with dry heat, preventing the bread from absorbing unwanted moisture and ruining it Easy Temperature Control:Can be controlled thermostatically, and can reach temperatures of up to 200 degree F Accessing Cavity Is Simple:Cleaning requires no effort - the door of this machine slides to one side, and the steel rack within can be removed to give you full access to the inner cavity from the front Stackable:Best suited sitting underneath the 8045W roller grill, but can be stored and stacked easily anywhere else thanks to its simple rectangular shape and lack of needed clearance Robust design:Stainless steel makes up the majority of this machines construction, ensuring that you will get long and consistent service from this machine for years Just One 6 ft Plug:All you need to have this machine ready is one plug - no assembly or unnecessary utility hook-ups required (water reservoir is optional)

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 863.50

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8036 Roller Grill- 48 Bun Capacity
Description: For perfect temperature hot dog buns to accompany the hot dogs made with the 8036 Nemco hot dog roller, this bun warmer is the way to go. Featuring thermostatic controls that range up to 200 degree F and a no-steam design, you can assured quality with this product. You are provided with bulk hot dog buns with nearly no preparation time - taking only 15-minutes to warm up before its ready to warm its maximum capacity of 48 hot dog buns. This machine preserves the quality of the bun, and makes the hot dog itself more enjoyable by staying soft and warm - complementing it perfectly. This machine fits perfectly underneath the 8036 model of Nemco hot dog roller for quick access, but is compact enough to be stackable anywhere within the dining establishment due to the low amount of clearance it demands. The sliding door even means you need even less clearance for it within a kitchen or other dining environment. Hold 48 Buns:Warms hot dog buns in bulk, maintaining their soft texture and ensuring a quick output of high quality hot dogs for the peak hours of business No Steam:This machine uses dry heat to keep the hot dog buns warm, which stops them from absorbing unnecessary moisture, which could ruin the snack Full Temperature Control:This bun warmer is capable of a maximum temperature of 200 degree F, and provides you with full control over temperature to help cater to the amount of buns you need, for the slower hours of business Easy To Clean:The steel rack comes away, and the door on the front slides open, which gives you easy access to the bun warmer cavity - negating the need to dismantle and making cleaning and maintenance effortless Built to stack:Fits comfortably underneath the hot dog roller, and is compact enough to be stored away when not in use due to its convenient compact design Hardened Materials:The body of this machine is comprised of sturdy stainless steel, a polycarbonate door, and a steel rack within the bun warmer - guaranteeing years of service Simple Installation:Requires a compatible outlet to work and an optional water reservoir underneath the rack, making it all the more easy to get the perfect hot dog

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 744.15

Hot Dog Bun Warmer- 24 Bun Capacity
Description: The NEMCO Hot Dog Bun Warmer (8024-BW) with 24 bun capacity provides you with a new way to protect and warm your buns and is an excellent addition to your hot dog operation. This durable product features a space-saving stackable design and works great on any countertop or under grill. Two Dozen Capacity: This model has room to store up to 24 buns and keeps them warm and fresh, so you can deliver a great tasting hot dog time after time Stainless Steel Design: With a stainless steel outer body, internal hot dog bun rack and a stainless steel flip door, this product was designed with durability in mind Designed for NEMCO 8010:This machine was designed to complement the NEMCO 8010 hot dog roller grill, but will work as a standalone warmer, too. With a stackable space-saving stackable design, this warmer fits onto any countertop unit or below a NEMCO hot dog roller grill with ease 100 degreeF Temperature: This machine includes a thermostat which can reach up to 100 degreeF to keep your hot dog buns warm and tasty. A pan is also included for water to prevent buns from drying out

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 224.95

Hot Dog Bun Warmer- 48 Bun Capacity
Description: Provide soft, warm buns with your hot dogs using the NEMCO Hot Dog Bun Warmer (8048-BW) with 48 bun capacity. This durable, long-lasting machine includes a roll-out drawer for easy serving and a quality, stainless steel construction to make cleaning a breeze. Preheating in only 30 minutes, this machine is perfect for any bar, concession stand or other high-impact catering or retail setting. 150 degreeF Thermostat: With a 150 degreeF thermostat, you can offer warm, delicious buns time after time. An integrated water bowl means your buns won't dry out Easy Access Drawer: With an easy-access sliding drawer, this machine makes it easy and convenient to serve hot dogs or provide a self-serve operation 48 Bun Capacity: With room to warm up to 48 buns at once, you can spend more time serving hot dogs and less time refilling your warmer Durable Design: During peak periods serving hot dogs can be hard work, so the stainless steel design with stainless steel hot dog bun rack and slider door provide durability and make cleaning and maintaining a simple job at the end of a busy day Made for the 8027 Series: This machine was built for the NEMCO 8027 Series hot dog roller grills, and is a perfect under-grill fit to save on countertop space, however its 22 x 15.25 x 7.5 dimensions make it a compact, convenient standalone warmer

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 531.85

Hot Dog Bun Warmer for 8055 Roller Grill- 64 Bun Capacity
Description: For maximum countertop efficiency, Nemco provides the perfect companion for the 8055 hot dog roller grill. The Nemco 8055-BW hot dog bun warmer fits perfectly underneath the 8055 to utilize countertop space to its fullest. This rock-solid stainless steel bun warmer can hold a maximum amount of 64 hot dog buns at any given time, and only takes 15 minutes to pre-heat, making you ready to provide hot dogs in bulk without issue. This machine does not use steam, as steam often provides too much moisture, which can ruin a buns texture. The dry heat system of this unit ensures a high-quality hot dog bun - preserving its freshness and keeping it the perfect temperature. It's designed to make the absolute best use of space as well - easy to stack and store when not needed, and little to no clearance makes it suitable for any countertop, if you don't want it underneath the roller grill. The sliding polycarbonate door gives easy access to the cavity, which helps make cleaning easy too. Holds 64 Hot Dog Buns:No matter how busy your business gets, you can be sure of a high output of fresh hot dog buns to help keep up with demand and production of high quality hot dogs Does Not Utilize Steam:Steam often makes bread too soggy to eat and ruins its texture and freshness - the dry heat generated from this warmer guarantees only the freshest hot dog buns Easy Temperature Control:A thermostatic control gives you complete power over how much heat you want to put on the hot dog buns, with this machines maximum being 200 degree F Cleaning Is Easy:The inner rack prevents bread from touching the water reservoir underneath, and can be removed for easy cleaning - the sliding door also makes front servicing a breeze Stackable:Works best once placed underneath the 8055 roller grill, giving you access to both parts of the snack in one unit, but is suitable to sit on any countertop that you wish, without clearance restrictions Robust Design:This bun warmer is made from solid stainless steel, as is the interior rack, which means you can be sure of getting quality and quantity for many years to come 6 ft Plug:Functions entirely with an electrical outlet capable of 120V, no other utility hook-up is necessary

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 894.85

Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with Digital Temperature Readout and GripsIt Non-Stick Coating- 75 Hot Dog Capacity
Description: In busy catering environments, high volume is essential. With the Slanted Hot Dog Roller Grill with Digital Temperature Readout and GripsIt Non-Stick Coating (8075SXW-SLT-RC) , high volume becomes easy. With a 1500 serving capacity per hour and convenient features like digital temperature readout and non-stick roller design, you can maximize profit with virtually zero effort. NEMCO Warranty: With a full one year factory warranty from NEMCO, you can relax knowing you're covered should anything go wrong Serve 1500: The 8075SXW-SLT-RC can heat up to 75 hot dogs at once, but has the ability to serve up to 1,500 hot dogs per hour. You can take your machine to big games or events and generate an incredible return on investment during half time Stainless Steel: This machine was built using quality aluminum and stainless steel, making it great to look at, robust and incredibly easy to clean and maintain No More Sticking: With a NEMCO GripsIt roller coating, this machine performs effortlessly time after time and hot dogs won't stick Temperature Readout: We know how important it is to get the right temperature for your customer's safety, so this model includes a digital temperature read out, giving you ultimate control over your machine Industry Leading Motor: Using the industry's most durable motor, the NEMCO 8075SXW-SLT-RC includes ball bearings to prevent grease leakage Wide and Slanted: With a slanted, wide 35.75 construction, your customers get to see your delicious hot dogs and other foods on display, encouraging impulse buys

Store: Compact Appliance Brand: Nemco Price: USD 1889.80

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